Saturday, June 21, 2014

Second Liebster Award :)

I don't miss you. I miss the memories of the person you used to be.

Hey there! :)

(I updated my blog two days ago..and now THIS? I'm writing too much -.- erm, typing)

A not-so-short update before proceeding to the main objective of this post:
  • Mum is cooking tonight. Assam fish, vegetables (I loveeee), tofu with chicken in black soy sauce and goodness knows what else. *Drools* 
  • I went to school today to do ICT assignments and actually had fun! :D We (Dapple, MS and I) took selfies in school, right in front of the teacher.
Shameless? Maybe :P
Mee En went home earlier :l Aww. 
 On their phones.

My failed attempt at a sad face and Dap's awkward grin :P

My eyebags are huge in the morning :l 
Megat, poor chap hovering in the background. HAHA.
That photo reminded me of this :3

Sitting at the teacher's desk! 
(She was sitting at the table across this desk while we were taking the photos)
  • During the programming assignment, everyone experienced the same problem due to wrong spelling of "length" or forgetting to edit the Title box. So I went around after I finished my assignment, pointing out mistakes (everyone likes to be corrected..not) and teaching some how to save the program.
  • Planned to go to Coffee Ink with Esther and Aijean. We ended up going to Aeon (again) but still it was fun. We bought drinks at Chatime. I bought cocoa with oreos, which was yummy, but I couldn't finish it. Aijean's drink tasted like Teh Tarik, Esther's was coffee-like. Mostly walked around chatting and talking about school (we go to different schools) and life in general :) 
  • Esther went back earlier, so I walked around with Jeans (still talking a lot..someone should glue my mouth shut next time, LOL) and bought a new eyeliner! I don't even need a new one, my eyeliner stash is huge already -__- But I swatched it on my hand, and it was love at first swatch. I think I'm going to start wearing eyeliner again #pandacoonyay. This is the first really waterproof one I have though.
Wanted to buy the bevel tip one (you know, like a highlighter?) cause the tester was freaking amazing, but they didn't have any in box -___- 
(bad lighting, sorry)
I bought two phone pluggies and a pair of skull earrings #demonchildjustkidding from Diva.
Each was RM 3 :) 
Aijean's sister fetched me home, yayy thankies :3 Or I would have stayed there forever. HAHA.
  • Some photos from the adventure I had with Esther :) What did we do? Clue: The Hobbit.


   I got (not serious..I hope) death threats because of the impromptu Whatsapp fast I had :l (Five days is a pretty long time) Ermm...sorry? #nocure. Probably won't do it again for a while. But honestly, this past week was one of the most productive weeks I've ever had. HAHA. I napped, exercised, did schoolwork, played the piano and read books, and felt contented, and maybe even happy.

    I did miss chatting with some people (who brings laughter and light into my life, lol cheesssyyy) but still, I enjoyed being alone too. Not lonely, alone. To be alone is a state of being, to be lonely is a state of mind :) 

   I get so annoyed and frustrated when people are online but they take hours to reply to my messages. I rather have you tell me not to message you, than to take five hours to reply to me. I'm annoying, I'm well aware of that, but at least I'm entertaining :P *snorts* (I'm kidding, really) and well, you're gonna miss me when I'm gone #simpleplanlyrics

   I know I reply slow sometimes (okay, usually!), but that's because I'm busy and most definitely not online. After that long fast, I don't give a damn anymore. I've decided it isn't worth it, to get pissed off at people for silly matters. 

   And yes, if I'm close to you, I'll point out that you haven't replied to my messages and make a fuss about it. Example: "Why you no reply? *sad face* guess you don't want to talk to me anymore. Goodbye forever *wipes tear from eye and jumps off chair*" (They know I'm kidding, HAHA) But if I'm not, I'll just reply like this: "Yeah. Oh okay. No, never mind. No prob. Lol." and make it completely obvious that I really don't feel like talking to you after you've ignored me the whole day. 

   Indirect honesty, is my best policy. I'm not going to fake happiness and go crazy with you when I'm really annoyed with you. But I'll definitely lie (not exactly) or tell you half-truths like "I'm tired", "Not in the mood to talk" or "Busy (avoiding you)" My bad moods doesn't last long though, thank fruits. Underneath all the layers of despicableness, I'm actually quite likeable. And unbearably arrogant.

   Another matter which bothers me. How do you expect someone to participate in a conversation when the person has nothing relevant to contribute to the conversation? Simple. You DON'T. What is the person (okay, me. And some other people) supposed to say, if she/he has nothing to say at all? -__- 

   The said person usually just sits there in stony silence, scowling at everyone (almost, everyone) and desperately wishing to be elsewhere. It feels uncomfortable, and makes me have lovely daydreams of throwing knives at everyone.

   I get that you're not expected to include everyone in the conversation, but I'm not expected to like it either. Don't blame me if I much rather eat with people I can actually converse with, and enjoy myself without feeling excluded or out of the loop :) 

   And really, you'd have much more fun if I wasn't there, frowning and being exceedingly grumpy. (You know that's true) It's like when your friend runs into someone she hasn't seen in a long time, and talks to that person non-stop, while you're just standing there awkwardly, wishing you could just run away. 

   Don't point out I'm being anti-social and too quiet, or my scorching glower would make you burst in flames. Or I might actually stab you with a pitchfork (if I had one). Next time, you think about asking me that, stop to consider why I'm being that way. Or don't. I don't really care.

Enough ranting for now! :)
Ranting is a part of me, which you can never ever take away from me. NOO. (My version of Part of Me by Katy Perry)
And on to my main objective of this post after all this nonsense. 

My Second Liebster Award!
I was nominated by The Bitch's Life (thank you so so much! :D *virtual hug* unless you don't like physical contact, then just a formal handshake/salute :P) for this second award. Check out her blog for entertaining posts! :)

(Yeap, recycled this from the first award post: Liebster Award. Save the Virtual Earth!)

 I'm just going to answer the eleven questions (or not), because all the facts I can think of writing is...
  1. I complain a lot. About things that shouldn't matter. And sound HAPPY doing it.
  2. I constantly think of food.
  3. I take a lot of selfies with my homies these days.
  4. I love eyeliner. To death.
  5. I threaten to jump off chairs and tables, but I don't actually do it.
  6. I love cats. And tiny kittens are adorable!
  7. I reply to messages extremely slowly and still get annoyed when people do the same.
  8. Give me chocolate, and I'll love you forever. 
  9. I'm extremely arrogant (heck, even admit to it) but I have low self-esteem. (...Is this even possible?)
  10. I'm glad to have a bunch of amazing people who are easy to talk to in my life, even though it's hard for me to make new friends due to my ambivert (sort of) personality. 
  11. I enjoy being thought of as badass/intimidating, and still get upset about people being too afraid to approach me -__-
Eleven Questions To Answer:

1. Q: What question do you hate to be asked?
A: Why are you so quiet? -.- (Cause I got nufin' to say)

2. Q: What was your favorite conversation (with your crush!!) about?
A: Erm, I don't really have a crush at the moment. Or at least, I don't think I do. I hate liking a guy, because it makes me feel vulnerable -__- But umm... there's a really funny conversation I had with someone about swinging from trees (I think) HAHA. And another about my insistence on calling people silly weird nicknames related to inanimate objects. Honestly, just drunk, random, crazy topics :P

3. Q: What have you wanted to do for ages, but never done? When do you think you'll be able to do it? 
A: A roadtrip, then a long vacation at the beach along the way! After my (important) finals are over, I really want to do this :) 

4. Q: Who do you miss most at the moment?
A: I miss my friends. All of them. Every single one of them. And umm, someone I used to know. HAHA. But he isn't the same person he used to be anymore, so... :l 

5. Q: Do you believe in horoscopes? Why/Why not? Do you read it?
A: No, because I believe that we choose our own paths in life, and shape our lives by the decisions we make. (Hazel Levesque: "I'm not choosing one of your paths. I'm making my own." to Hecate in House of Hades) Yeah, I read it because some parts can be surprisingly spot on and interesting, but I don't live by it :)

6. Q: Favorite quote? (Is the any hidden meaning behind it?)
A: This is a tough one. I would say "You must forge your own path for it to mean anything." - Rick Riordan. It reminds me that even though I feel like my life is constantly being defined by other people; ultimately I have to make my own decisions and choices in life, and I choose what to make out of my life, not them. 

7. Q: Favorite song?
A: I don't have a constant favorite song, but this year's favorites (the recent ones) would be Never Say Never by The Fray or/and Let Me Go by Avril Lavigne ft. Chad Kroeger

8. Q: Which superpower do you want most?
A: Ermmm...Invisibility or ability to read minds. I want both equally :P

9. Q: What is the favorite hairstyle you ever had?
A: Not sure if you mean haircuts or braids/buns/etc (O_o) Umm, I liked my hair at shoulder-length (fuss-free) and I like the way my hair is now..Long, sort-of straight with slight layers :D And I really liked my hair wavy.

10. Q: Favorite computer game?
A: Counterstrike: Condition Zero (CSCZ reminds me of the old days of sneaking to the cybercafe..), GTA IV, COD: MW2. But I haven't played them for a long time, because studieeessss. URGH. 

11. Q: Do you think you'll be very different when you're older? What will have changed by then?
A: Yes I do, maybe slightly different? because it's the way of life. No one remains the same forever and sometimes, things happen, which changes our thinking, our perception and our entire outlook of life. And when that happens, the person in question changes as well. It would be a gradual change, but a change nonetheless. I would say: My personality, my perception of life and my character :) 

My Eleven Questions:
1. What are you most interested in? (Hobbies, etc)
2. When you find yourself in an embarrassing situation, do you laugh it off or get upset about it?
3. Are you an introvert, extrovert or ambivert?
4. Type of person you're attracted to.
5. What do you believe in? (e.g. Good luck charms, God, Destiny)
6. What videos do you usually watch on Youtube? Or favorite tv shows?
7. Funniest conversation (IRL or text messaging) you ever had?
8. What do you do when you feel alone?
9. Can you go at least an entire day without social interaction?
10. Ebooks or books or you don't read at all? :P
11. What do you think of school/work? 

And my nominees are whoever is reading it! :D Don't have to do it if you don't want to. But I would love it if you could. 

Till next time! Cause I'm dead tired. 


  1. Omg I like your questions too xD let me nominate myself xDDD
    And yeah, its really annoying when people take forever to reply and when they do, its "K" or "sure". .__.

    1. YES please do! :D Can't waits to read it! Ikr, makes me feel like they think I'm annoying :l *sniffles*

  2. Oooohhh! Yay I loved your post! Your answers are so deep they make me look dumb lolol :P Or maybe I just am... o.O *virtual hug* I don't mind them if they're virtual ^_^ I'd also want invisibility heheh ^0^ I don't really mind when people take ages to reply, but I absolutely HATE when I write something really long and 'inspirational' and people reply with one line of text like; "ok I will" or something. I mean, if I take the time to write paragraphs of text for you it means I WANT a conversation! :P Hahah but I should learn to read the signals people send when they do that :3

    1. Aww thank you! :D Nah, sometimes simple answers have the deepest meanings :P YAY for hugs! :D Invisibility is just.. :3 Oh, yeah that! Makes me think "How am I supposed to respond to that?!" HAHAHA. I wonder if they're just lazy (like me) or I'm annoying them with my attention :P

  3. GOSH!!! strawberry la u guys... taking selfie without me.. sad betul... very sad !!!

    1. You went back so early, what to do? :P Photoshop your face inside HAHAHA. Next time :3


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