Wednesday, July 30, 2014

KLCC Book Fest Haul

Hey there! :)

I've been moody and restless lately. Probably because:
1. I'm hungry all the time.
2. I miss my friends.
3. Exploding from cuteness overload from playing with kittens.
(Anyone want one? Can FedEx to you, LOL kidding)

4. Avoiding social interaction too much.
5. Recently had a 3 hour conversation with someone who really opened up my eyes to a situation I'm in.
6. Not enough chocolate in my house. (Specifically mint chocolate)
7. I'm stuck in two situations I don't want to be in (and really feeling sick of people like *inserts names* these days..Why do you have to complicate my life and make me miserable? -__- Not going to elaborate, I've sworn not to)
8. I have to study more. Which means I'll probably quit on church and going out until trials are over. *Sighs wearily at Chemistry revision books*


  • Watched TFIOS for the second time with Aijean and Esther then we wandered around Aeon for a bit on Sunday. Watching it twice was pretty funny, me and Esther anticipated the funny moments and laughed too soon. Jeans was fangirling, HAHA. 
  • Aijean came to my house afterwards to wait for her sister and went crazy over the cats (we haz a cat shelter in my humble abode) She said something like it's not something she sees everyday, but cats running all over the place is normal for me. I distinctly remember Joy saying the same thing. (I'm sorry I don't appreciate my cats more, LOL. I just kinda take them for granted) 
  • I slept really late that night, and woke up the next day around 4 pm. Saw a message asking if I want to go jogging, but I was sleepy/tired/lazy so I said no. Ended up getting dragged to my grandmother's house for a family dinner. I was tired and sick, so I went to AA's room to take  a nap. Then Ian came in, saying the other room was too noisy. Then Charlene, followed by JA then Michelle and Vivian. 
  • Charlene got high and hyper, so I couldn't help laughing at her and getting drunk myself. JA thought we were nuts. Didn't get a chance to sleep, but oh well. 

  • Went to the book fest yesterday! It was amazing. Heaven. Splendid. Got lost in the Chinese section for 10 minutes, and finally found the English section.
  • Shared a sausage roll (from Starbucks) with Charlene and it was delicious. 
  • Planning to get a new phone. Probably a Motorola or Nexus or Lenovo one. I love my phone, I just get so bored with it sometimes (to the point I stare at it and expect it tap dance for me) . So I want a change. (Starting to understand why people change their phones so much -.-) Also found an excellent deal on Lazada, so... *___* I'll pay for half of it myself..I would pay for it on my own, but I'm short on cash from all the shopping trips I've been on lately. (Charlene was surprised that I didn't buy anything at all yesterday. I'm shocked too)
  • Initially wanted an iPod Touch 5th generation. Then thought..Might as well get a new phone for the same reasons. 
  • Going to update my Carousell page soon. Have a lot of things to sell off (o__o) Specifically my phone and perfumes and a lot of things which just clutters up my room.
And here are the photos! :)

Fake library is so fascinating. 

Lights and water.

My mum and I don't really look alike, but we are similar. HAHA. 
It was a really hazy day, I couldn't understand why everyone wanted to hover around outside, besides looking at the scenery.

Petronas Twin Towers. 

Bought this last Sunday.
I swear, I think I know someone who has this bag but I don't remember who. 
It's the weird zippers which reminded me.

Roald Dahl, one of my favorite authors as a child :3 
My mum picked this up though. 

Been trying to read up on more classics, and I finished this last night.
Not bad. 

Fell in love with this because
1. It's Nora Roberts.
2. Based on mystery.
3. So affordable!
4. That title.
5. That cover.

Mum picked this up, but I would like to read it.

The Key Trilogy by Nora Roberts
Book set for only RM 12.90
It's a steal :3

Always wanted to read this series. 

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
I'm afraid, in this case, the book will prove to not be as good as the show. 
Only because I'm extremely fond of the show.
Still this book ought to be spectacular.

Three stories in one.
It's a really thick book.
I likes.

And well, till next time! :)

P.S. Will update the preloved blog soon.


  1. I'm sure things will get better soon and you'll find a way to solve the problem! :) Great book haul! The Nora Roberts book looks really good but I'll have to google a blurb... ^_^

    Ahh the kittens are adorable! <3

    1. Thank you for saying so! :) I'm glad you like it! Hahaha, the books seem promising :3

      They are! *__*

  2. Awe the cats are so cute, I would like to order one please. >v< I hope you feel better and less moody. We all have those days but they end pretty quickly.

    Daisy l LittleKawaiiDaisy

    1. *Sends one virtually to you* :) Haha, I do now. I guess I was just tired. I'm glad those days don't last long.

    It looks alot like the dancing fountains in Dubai.
    This is Singapore though, right? o.o (sorry, I've forgot what country you're in >__> I'm sorryyyy)

    1. Ikr :) I wish I could see the dancing fountains! HAHA, it's okay, I'm in Malaysia ^__^


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