Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Port Dickson Trip

I felt as though I had just made a very narrow escape.

Hey there! :)

I actually went to school last Thursday before leaving for P.D. right after. Dapple and I were talking to Daniel, Fishcake, Sam and etc about nicknames and what-not when A joined us. Someone said "Look at Aqil's teeth, shining so brightly." (Aqil was at the school gate, we were standing near the corridor, next to the rubbish bin) So everyone turned and stared at him. Comments like "Wow, his teeth!" and "He's smiling so widely" were made.

Warning: Word and photo heavy post. 
Credits for photos: Me, Ryan, me dad, JA, me mum.
Days: Thursday to Sunday

I chopped off 3 inches of my hair!
(Dry from the chlorine water, and it's looonggg.)

It's still really long, but it's much shorter compared to before. 
Mum wanted me to cut off FIVE inches, but I refused to (need to braid, ya know? *Clings to hair and hisses "MINE"*)

Thought about trying to climb down.

The swimming pool :3

The spa building looks out of place when compared to the water chalets.

Resting place to look at the ocean.

My bed when I woke up :P

The beach at night.

View from the balcony.

Closer look at the rocks.

Cochin Pool, strictly for adults :l

The balcony.

The view from my bed..when I'm not facing the ocean.

Swimming pool at night. Went there at night twice :3

Sunset at the private beach.

My humble bed.

View of the balcony from outside.

View of the water chalets.

The room I shared with JA (then Charlene for 2 nights and JY for 1) 

We originally had this room, but 1. we needed three beds and 2. adults wanted to shift to another area for some reason.

Heavenly *drools*

The beach XD

View from balcony when facing other chalets.

Night walk.

Took photos of my feet for some reason. Don't ask :) 

Cleaning staff made my bed this way and arranged the bear and sleeping mask. 
I love my Teddy, don't judge or be jelly :P

As usual, braids! Braided Charlene's hair because I was bored and didn't much like staring at my tummy in the mirror while wondering if I'm eating too much before dinner.

Went to the pet farm, the birds are gorgeous, bunnies are cute, tortoises are interesting and chickens and peacocks are scary.

Charlene and JA had an unexpected hair braiding session.
Which was free. I'm so generous *pats self on back*

JA and Ryan being cray cray.
And yes, our room is a mess.

Forgot to mention this: We were staying in Avillion, Port Dickson. 
This is our room number. 

Naturally, I had to braid my own hair too.

Taking a photo of them selfie-takers.

Dad and bros fished from the balcony and caught crabs..which we didn't take home.
 But they are lovely to look at.

This is my family. (My shorts look short compared to everyone else)

Ian and I do look alike! D:
Waiting to check out of the hotel and discussing phone specs.
My older brother, Ryan whom people often think is younger than me or my twin, LOL.
No fishes, just crabs.

Me with my bro, Ry and almost twin, JA.

Messing with my hair.

Late night selfies.
Wern's (I call Ryan Wern a lot) instagram.

Rabbits be adorable. 

Highlights of the trip:

  • Tried to spend some alone time, walking around by myself because I enjoy solitariness sometimes but JA and Charlene kept close to me. 
  • JA and I have the habit of saying "Me knows", "Me no likey you" and etc, and Charlene picked up on it. Now I'm terrified her mum and AA will come after me for teaching her broken English. 
  • Went off by myself to the beach and just stood there, feeling the waves and staring out into the distance. I must have looked slightly loony because a guy actually tapped my shoulder and asked me "Are you okay?" I said "Yeah, I'm fine." But the tourists there kept an eye on me until I left the beach, LOL. They must have thought I wanted to wade into the sea.
  •  I photobombed (or tried to) a lot of people when they wanted to take selfies :P
  • Charlene created a weird song about me. 
  • During one of the late night swimming after dinner, Ryan did a cannonball into the pool. He started groaning about being hurt "somewhere" and Viv asked him why. I absentmindedly replied "You won't know unless you have them." *lmao* (If you get that, you smart)
  • I had a horrible stomachache from eating more than I'm used to, but I was feeling better when I was in the pool that night. Charlene asked me "Your stomach okay?" I said "Yeah, it just feels like it's full of air." JA said "Want me to fill your stomach with water?" I snorted and said "No thanks, I'm not a submarine." Ryan and Viv laughed and said "Buoyancy! HAHAHA" 
  • Piggybacked Charlene and JA around the pool. Yelled "Make a train!" and all of us (me, Charlene, JA, Viv, Mich, Jerry, Ryan, Ian) went one round around the pool. 
  • Played catch the ball (with a monkey hovering around), trying to push the ball to the bottom of the pool and seeing who can throw the ball up in the air the highest.
  • Ryan asked JA and Charlene on his shoulders (not at the same time, LOL) and they did.
  • He asked me too, but I was chicken so I decided to sit on his shoulders instead. Changed my mind halfway and asked to be put down, but he refused and kept stomping around the pool. I screamed (in fright or delight, I have no idea) the whole time and he finally dropped me. Got submerged in the water, but I expected it to happen so it's okay :P Hugged Ian because I was traumatised and cold, hahaha.
Went for my dad's eldest brother's funeral right after we came home from Port Dickson. I never really knew him, because he's more than 10 years older than my dad, so they weren't very close. The funeral lunch lasted for 3 hours. I didn't see anyone who was really grieved about his passing, so I asked my dad why everyone seemed so..normal. Like they were just attending a family lunch. 

He said something like "Death isn't the end, he just went to heaven to be with God and we'll see him again someday." and about him not suffering on earth anymore. If I die, I expect at least someone to cry, or I'll come back and haunt you. HAHA. Don't just eat that 3 course meal and talk about what a horrible person I was, shed a tear for me. (yes, I know. this is weird) 

Felt really moody and sarcastic because I was exhausted, so I ignored a lot of people who messaged me and focused mostly on trading photos. Whenever I text someone when I'm moody, and I say rude, sarcastic things, I always feel awfully guilty and bad about it afterwards. So now, I've decided to just ignore my messages until I feel cherrier. 

Monday (21 July 2014)

I didn't go to school because I was exhausted. Woke up to a phone call, telling me to get ready (to watch a movie) and mumbled "What universe is this?" to myself. Went to watch TFIOS with UJ, AC and Charlene. 

My opinion of the movie (and book. Astonishingly they followed quite closely to the book although they did leave out some parts) 

The Fault In Our Stars Review
  • I liked that it stays quite true to reality. It shows that death happens and we're all destined to die someday. And also, I understood the part about leaving a mark on the world and not wanting to be forgotten. 
  • There were funny moments. Especially the "Heart of Jesus" part (in the book) and enthusiastic Patrick.
  • The book didn't draw me in, the way most books I've enjoyed reading does, but I read it anyway because I heard the hype about it. Honestly, I think this book wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worst. 
  • I think Hazel and Gus had a very sweet relationship. 
  • Hazel (and her parents)'s dark humor was a tad disconcerting. To quote a book, "It's only okay for you to use gallow humors when you're NOT at the actual gallows!" 
  • The staring part in the movie was funny.
  • Hazel going to Gus' home after having just met him was dumb (in both book and movie!) Didn't your parents ever tell you not to go home with guys who can potentially be rapists or murderers?! (something like what Hazel said, but she did it anyway -_-) 
  • TFIOS poster was nice. The book cover was nice.
  • I liked some quotes...
  • Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort (Hazel and Gus) played siblings in Divergent! (The irony)
  • van Houten was an ass. 
  • I liked the idea of the pre-funeral. I would want to hear people's eulogies at my funeral. 
  • Comparing thoughts to stars and constellations is dreamy, and frankly doesn't make much sense to me even though I understand what the author means by it. (My thoughts are stars which I cannot fathom into constellations)
  • The eulogy Augustus wrote for Hazel was funny and sweet. Although it dragged on a bit in the book. 
  • "Maybe okay will be our always" <- likes="" me="">
  • "The world is not a wish-granting factory" grated on my nerves a little (probably because it's true). I know that we can't always get everything we want in life, but I hate wakeup calls like that.
  • The metaphor thing with the cigarette made me want to facepalm myself. Okay, I get that he's putting the killing thing right between his teeth and not giving it the power to kill him but he's still buying cigarettes! He's still contributing to the growth of the industry which CAUSES cancer even if he doesn't actually light the cigarettes up.
  • Normal people don't talk the way Gus and Hazel does. But then again, they're *shrugs*
  • Kissing in Anne Frank's house was weird. Made me feel uncomfortable. Especially when people actually clapped for the making out. Like what. 
I don't want to say anymore, because my eyes are rolling back into my head from analysing it too much. 

UJ bought me this, because he wants me to learn more about Shakespeare sonnets and plays.

Tuesday (22 July 2014)  

Went to school. Had an intense conversation with Dapple and A about being annoyed about someone doing something we don't like, and I said "Honestly! He makes my hair turn grey!" and huffed. They looked at my hair and burst out laughing. A told us about Life camp, and how stressed out she was, but it sounded interesting.

Then the guys came along (Daniel, Fishcake and Sam..I think. I forgot if there were more people) and we started talking about CF. A said "If DD goes..we won't go!" and we high-fived when I asked Dapple if she would go for CF without me. Dapple pulled a face and said "Hmmph!"

We went to the Language room for a lecture after recess. All the Science stream classes. I sat with SY and Dapple. We discussed about relationships and nonsense a lot. Fishcake, Daniel, Sam and Edward yelled "Unicorn" from across the room. We yelled "PEGASUS" back at them. Had this huge discussion (which has been going on for months..almost) about Pegasus vs Unicorns. A and I love Pegasus, but Dapple loves unicorns.

Shawn Daren (I know too many Shawns, Sams, Esthers) was standing in front of me, so I asked "Unicorns or Pegasus?" He thought about it for a while and said "Umm..Pegasus." I gasped. " know. Wings." *happy dancing in my head*

Daniel (like Aqil) insisted on Dragons and refused to pick either Unicorns or Pegasus. But obviously, dragons would win if you chose from those three. Dapple insisted that unicorns have magical horns and I insisted that Pegasus has sassy wings.

Still it was a good day.

UJ left for Netherlands. I'm sad to see him go, but I'm glad he visited. Bought jellybeans (mostly lemon lime) and walked around with crazy people who kept singing songs which I don't like to me.

Wednesday (23 July 2014)
Dapple, A and I were talking to Sam for a while, then the conversation trailed off. Edward, Fishcake, Rohil, Raymond (Lemon), Khairul, Reuben and Jagdesh we did the whole "Pegasus or Unicorns?" thing again. Edward said "Unicorn!" and something about Dapple and princess..then he bowed. I just stared at him and thought "What. Just. Happened?"

Rohil said "Pegasus!" then A and I were so excited, we high fived and said "YES! YES!" I think Lemon supports Pegasus too. Edward wanted his nickname to be "Rose" because he's acting as Rose in the Gulp and Gasp play. A said it was girlish..Dapple said "But..fruit.." I was trying too hard not to laugh, because it's the first time I hear a guy asking to be called Rose. Then we went for ICT class when the bell rang.

I saw Way Jie passing by after PE (PK) class, so I yelled "Way Jie!" He turned and yelled "What?" I replied "Pegasus or Unicorns?!" He said "Pegasus of course!" I let out a whoop and said "YES!" Dapple said "NO. Support unicorns!" then Way Jie said "But Pegasus can fly. Unicorns are useless, they only have a horn and..." Dapple looked like she was going to whack him with a broom XD

We asked our classmates today, which they prefer. So far,

Pegasus: Laily, Fadhillah, Najihah, Nabillah (she converted from unicorns, when Laily convinced her Pegasus are awesome), Faeez (He said unicorns are useless too, omg, Daps had fire shooting from her eyes)
Unicorns: Syukrie and Farhan.
..........We haven't asked the rest yet. HAHA.

A teacher complimented my hair when we (Daps, A, me) were walking to the ICT lab. It was so weird, but I'm flattered :3

Fishcake said we'd start a riot with this discussion. I think he's right.

1. Asked him to ask people to choose between unicorns and pegasus. HAHA. poor guy. 
3. Rainbow butt. LOL.
4. Go Pegasus!

So unexpected. I told him "I thought you wouldn't choose Pegasus, but I still can't believe you didn't!"

Heartbreak. HAHAHA. Just kidding. 

Dapple asked people too, so no, I'm not crazy.
Or maybe we both are. I dunno :P 

Next post will be the TMI tag *happy dance* I'm excited to get started on it. 
(Yay thanks Yasmine!)

I'm never really sure whether it's disrespectful to eat in front of people who are fasting (teachers always tell us not to) or to hide your food when you see them. Sigh. Anyway..


The food was delicious. Scrumptious. And I ate far too much of it.

Till next time!


    *stops myself from licking food on computer screen*
    These pictures make me really miss the US D: We used to live in Florida and go to the beach in the summers all the time, but now I'm stuck in a random mountain place where there's literally no water and its super hot ;n;
    Great pictures. I REALLY enjoyed it.
    Your hair is beautiful, by the way :)
    I can't really decide if Pegasi are better than Unicorns. The Chronicles of Narnia started with a Pegasus and ended with a Unicorn xD so they're both cool.

    1. Ikr, the food looks amazing *__*
      Aww, I hope you'd get a chance to visit Florida again and maybe spend some time at the beach :D I've always wanted to live on a mountain though XD

      Thank you so much (for your compliment too :P) ! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

      Oh well, I guess you'd be in team Dragons then :3 I feel like rereading Narnia now, LOL.

  2. Wow Florida looks amazing. I love your hair btw. Its so pretty long and short.

    Daisy l littlekawaiidaisy

  3. Seems like you had fun! Ahhh it looks so beautiful! Your hair is absolutely amazing, Maine! Mine used to be that long too (approximately) but I had sooo many split ends... Speechless about the food. It looks delicious! ^^

    By the way, team Pegasus! Ahh I want to flyy~

    Great post! <3

    1. TEAM PEGASUS ROCKS! :D *happy dance*

      Yeah I did! Still glad to be home :3 Aww thank you! <3

      Ikr, long hair usually equals split ends :l I'm glad you like it! :D

  4. UNICORNS! Love your hair you pretty pretty gurl! Hahaha and the pictures are amazing! And btw, Unicorns are pretty! *flips*

    1. Nope, PEGASUS. Remember Lemon's poem XD

      I love your hair too, you crazy girl (whose name my future daughter will be nicknamed after) and me likes the photos too :D

      My poem:
      Unicorns are pretty but Pegasus are cool.
      Us Pegasus makes unicorns so jelly, you drool.
      We debate about this everytime we're in school
      If Dapple doesn't keep quiet about this, I'm gonna throw her into the pool :D

      *rolls around laughing, while imagining your reaction*

    But still I love unicorn. We have unbreakable bond. Hmph

    Aww thankies love. Yeah you better name your daughter that as you promised. I just labbb you girl!

    1. I used to write poetry, but I don't anymore :P
      So not even dragons can tear you apart? D: Wow, girl.

      No probs XD I can't promise anything if I never have a daughter though. HAHA *hides sons away form you* Love you too! <3


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