Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Setia City Mall Haul

Hey there!

I found this when I was going through the photos on my camera.
(Not sure if I've posted it on my blog before though)

It's so shiny, it makes me drool. 
My skin color is constantly uneven, half tan, half pale. It doesn't bother me as much as it used to.
Kittens are growing up really fast. 
(One of the newborn kittens died, and we can't find the body. Which means... *faints*)

Black notebook I bought a couple of days ago for doodling :)

   A parcel (that wasn't exactly for me) arrived yesterday, when I was getting ready to go out. My mum yelled at me to hurry up, so I ran down the stairs and outside to sign for the parcel. Completely forgot the ground was burning hot, and the postman laughed at me when he saw me hopping up and down while signing for the parcel. Mum just shook her head and sighed at me. 

I bought these for RM 5 :3 Grr, they so pretty and colorful. 
These hair ties can only be used for braids on my hair though :l 
Still rainbow and colorful tiger stripes *__* Me likes.

Bought this a couple of days ago for my corkboard..Haven't gotten around to decorating the board yet.

I went to Setia City Mall yesterday :) I like going there, mostly because of the fascinating shops (and food). Ate lunch at Kenny Rogers again, it was delicious. *Nom nom* Wandered around with Charlene to shop :)

Spotted this in H&M but it was RM 49, so.. *sighs*
I love this skirt though.

The dark green crop top is from H&M. (AA bought this for me)
The folded up long-sleeved green top is from Uniqlo.
They were both about RM 39.

Bought this skirt from FOS for RM 35. I've been searching for one like this for a while.

Clip on bookmarks for RM 3.90
A key and a robot. Me likes it. Very much.
(I'm starting to influence people to say "Me likes this and that" :P)

I bought two eyeliners from Watsons, because they were on sale (about RM 15 for one?) 
And remember what I said about using too much eyeliner? 
I'm not kidding, the one I bought a week ago, is about half of its original size now. 
Both eyeliners are from in2it. 
The bevelled tip one, is the one I wanted to buy but which wasn't available in Aeon. 
The gel pencil eyeliner is the same one I bought last time. I love it :3 
In2it eyeliners are my favorites now. They don't rub off, only smudge a little and last forever.
And they're always jet black and gorgeous :3 
*Stares guilty at all the abandoned eyeliners in my makeup stash*

5 pens for RM 15.
The purple was a disappointment, the tester was far more purplish.
I love the blue though, and the one with "bananawoots" caption (so inky :3).

Stylus and photo frame from Daiso. 

I would have preferred a different color ( but this is okay :)
I can't find my black stylus anymore, so..temporary replacement.

I keep buying photo frames and stuff to put photos in, but haven't gotten around to actually putting photos in it and displaying them. *Sheepish smile*.

Floral crown for RM 16 from Lovisa.
Actually wanted a red rose one, but it was RM 5 more expensive and had too much roses on it.

Multiwear ring form Lovisa for RM 7 (They labelled it wrongly o_o Happy mistake)

*Sighs* I love shopping. And random hugs. And teasing little cousins. And eating. 

Cat haven :)

Till next time!


  1. OMG CAT. They're adorable. I hope you find the dead one soon so you can give it a proper burial :(

  2. I LOVE CATS! ♥

    I do hope you find the other kitten's body, but how do you know it's dead if you haven't seen it? :'( I'm crossing my fingers that it's still alive for you, Maine!

    Love the bookmarks, by the way. "Me likes a lot." :P The skirt you saw in H&M (the one with the flowers you didn't buy because it was too expensive) is soo pretty! I actually have a similar one! ;)

    1. You do? YAY for cat lovers :3 *Mrow*

      Well, they live in a box in my house, and one of the kittens just disappeared (o_o) and we can't find it anywhere. Plus we saw blood on the ground. *Shudders* I hope it's alive, but I doubt it is :l

      Aww thanks! Me likes that you likes it XP IKR, that skirt *drools* I'm jelly you have one *Sniffs*

  3. I hope you find the kitty soon. Its so small and cute. I loved your items in the hall, especially the eyeliners.

    Daisy l littlekawaiidaisy

    1. I hope so too :( Yay, I'm glad you liked it! <3


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