Monday, July 7, 2014

The Sunshine Award

Hey there! :)

A, it's gonna be looonnnggggg XD #brace.yourself #goodness.knows.why 


  1.  Report card's day. I told my mum it's okay if she tells the teacher I'm adopted and I didn't inherit my brother's brains XD 
  2. Shawn Daren and Alex were asking me why I keep reading (or holding a book). I said I'm a bookworm to the max, especially when I'm bored. They were trying to encourage me to talk to Yi Wen but I was lazy and she was scrolling through someone's phone, looking at photos.
  3. Yi Wen wanted to take a selfie with me. But I was too shy because she's too cute :P 
  4. Took a couple of selfies with Mee En (Just gonna call you A from now on) and Dapple and it hurt to smile because of my mouthache so I didn't. #lanci
  5. Practically half blind because my hair covered my eye.
  6. Mum didn't react when she saw my report card. (I warned her it'd be bad) and acted so cool about it to the teacher, I was worried that she wasn't okay. She's usually particular about school related issues.. I think she's just happy that I cleaned the house a lot this week. HAHA. (Parents paid me for doing it, even though I only asked for chocolate as payment. #loveyouguys #gotchocolateanyway)
7. Teacher told my mum I don't hang out with Chinese students much (Hello? A leh?) and have my nose stuck in books a lot. (Me not racist, okay)
8. Mum was talking to MS' bro in Hokkien, and I understood most of it! :)
9. Had a headache and sore throat, so I really wanted to go home :l
10. Someone was upset because I didn't talk to him. Sorry lah, I'm sick and I've never been good at talking to people yeah, don't take it so personally :)
11. The rest of the day was a blur after I got home. Being sick doesn't bode well with me.


   One "morning meeting" which lasted for about an hour, but it took Keith only 2 minutes to brief me about important details. Whaatttt. Literally, 2 sentences. *falls off chair*. All those hours I could have slept, LOL. Just kidding. I just sat there, coughing and wheezing while listening to the guys talk. Had a sore throat, so I sounded like a frog trying to croak :P I don't even remember half of the things they were talking about, my brain was half asleep the whole time because I only slept for like 4 hours the night before.

   Joshua and Indy and one guy from the ISCF meeting whose name I forgot (but that's okay, will call him Rawr for no reason besides me being fond of that word for the whole week) were there too. Eating yummy food. I was so jelly because I haven't had an appetite for days -__-

   Keith got a phone call, and he put the phone to my ear. So I croaked "Hello?" twice, then made hand motions and mumbled "I lost my voice lah." So he passed it to Rawr, and Rawr used a really funny voice with a weird accent. Everyone staring at him like "what the heck?" Wanted to laugh so badly but my throat hurt so I couldn't. Then the guy on the phone hung up. Sads, sads.

   I think if I got a prank call, I'd smack that prankster with my saucepan. HAHA, just kidding. Then Rawr went back and the guys had to go watch a movie, so I walked home. Or at least, tried to. Then Dad called and ask me where I was, I said "Walking back from church." He said "What?! Crazy---dangerous---sick" I said "Okay, okay. Fetch me from church then." He couldn't come until about an hour later, so I went shopping for a drink and a snack.

   Then I went to the foyer and got so engrossed in a book I didn't realize people were talking to me until I looked up from my book. (That's what happens when you talk to me when I'm reading) Dad arrived and fetched me home.

   Only had an hour before another meeting (Rangers) started (with lunch!). So I changed my clothes, and lazed around until we (Dad and I) left the house. I'm still technically a commander/leader even though I'm on a break, so formal meetings is a must attend. Went to Nyonya Kitchen. The chicken was YUM. Everything else was yum too. But the chicken :3 YUM in capital letters.

   Went back to church, and the meeting commenced. The funniest part was when Cmdr Nat said "And he's 12 years old" in reference to Cmdr Stephen who is 21-22 and in charge of the 12 year olds but he phrased it wrongly, HAHA.

   Anita and I were blabbering about the Blood Of Olympus and who our favorite characters were and who we wouldn't care about if that character dies :P Joanna's face was hilarious when she heard our conversation. Started talking to Sher Rin, Joanna and Anita about Rangers and we were just rambling on and on. It was fun though.

    Went home and...I forgot what I did. STML :l


    Actually thought of going to church, but then I woke up late and parents needed my help with some last minute work, so I helped (like a good daughter *coughs* *pats self on back*) then rushed to get ready to go to the airport. Traded cars with Uncle Hon Chong, because they had a lot of luggage to carry, apparently. Listened to music and chatted with dad the whole way.

   Reached the airport, and we waited at where they pick people up. Out poured a flood of relatives. Uncle Jan sat in front with dad, I was pulled out of the car where I was lazing around in and went to give hugs and say hello. Viv, Mich, J.A. and Charlene were there, so I chatted with them and they asked I wanted to go back with them and I did.

   Got drunk on the escalator with J.A. and started giggling and saying weird things. Felt dizzy in the car, so I didn't say much, just added to conversation when I could. Someone asked "Where's Erica?" (my Mum) or something like that. I replied absentmindedly "Erica cleaning house." Mich started laughing and Viv asked her "What's so funny?" Mich said "Erica cleaning house. Ryan sleeping." Viv said "Yeah yeah, and Ian eating." Then everyone burst out laughing.

   It's funny because my bros are notorious for eating and sleeping :P Went to AA's house, and all the ladies (Auntie Chris, girls etc) disappeared into the bedroom to watch the unpacking. Dad, Uncle Jan and Uncle Ronnie were talking about history and politics in countries, which I enjoy hearing about, so I stayed on the couch.

    Went home, rested for a while then went for a family dinner.


  • Assembly was interesting.. because I wasn't paying attention to what anyone was saying (Don't quote me) and also because A and I got a bit mabuk and laughed at random things. Wanted to talk to Dapple more but only managed to slide in a few comments to her. teacher was watching us too closely :S
  • Teacher B allowed (heck, asked) us, Moral class students to see the abandoned puppies in the box at the back of the building) so we went in groups to look at them.
  • Puppies were so adorable and fluffeh. But couldn't touch them cause teacher told us not to.
  • Yi Wen was there, ogling the puppies. She asked me if I wanted to take one home, I said "Nooo, my dad would kill me. I have too many pets already."
  • Alex commented on my hair, saying "You dyed your hair?" Shawn (Daren) said "No, her hair dyed her." LOL. I was so distracted. 
  • ICT class ended surprisingly fast. Or so it seemed. Sat in a group with Dapple and A, talking about some people and our wechat conversation. Going quite drunk and crazy from laughing too hard. 
  • Vemlan kept waving his hand in our faces while we talked, so we got annoyed. I smacked him (not too hard) in the chest and said "trying not to be violent, don't tempt me to hit you" Right after I said it, A hit him really hard and he yelped. #yay.for.taekwondo.badass.
  • Received two parcels today, and going to receive two more! :) yay for swapping. 
  • Posted a couple of parcels out today too, it was interesting to see the types of boxes and envelopes Poslaju has. 

And now, for the main point of this post! (Why do I keep rambling before getting to the main point?)

The Sunshine Award!

(Made this myself, so proud of it although Catalina's one is nicer :P)

   I was nominated by Catalina Blue of the emo wolverine writes (Check out her blog! She's awesome and friendly and writes fantastically interesting posts! :D) Thank you so much for nominating me! (and no, I'm not sick of it, LOL) And here we go!

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions.
  • Nominate a bunch of people.
  • Give them questions for homework.
  • Tell them they have homework.
  • Put the award picture on your blog.

1. If you were a world famous writer, what would your genre be and why?
- I suppose it'd be romance or mystery or something to do with mythology :) Romance because I have a fanciful imagination when it comes to love (not too cheesy though) and I love those funny romances with a touch of comedy. Mystery because puzzles and unsolved questions intrigues me and I'd love to write one (if I'm capable of it) and the unthinkable happens. Mythology because I've really gotten into Greek/Roman/Egyptian/Norse mythology over the years, and I love reading them. I've often wondered if I could write a story revolving around that particular theme.

2. Your favorite childhood television show that you remember fondly even now.
- That would be Mr Bean (the animated show and real one), Yakitate! Japan (Anime...about bread *drools*) and Powerpuff Girls :P 

3. The last book you read was ____ Tell us about it :P
- It isn't exactly a book..I stumbled across a bunch of old Reader Digest magazines and started reading all the inspirational stories in them :) About a man saving someone from an avalanche, people who went through tragedies (losing someone) and horrifying events (being in a fire) and still managed to move on with their lives. I think it helped me remember to have faith in humanity despite the evil in the world :)

4. What do you do when you're bored?
- Read, eat, sleep, play piano, text people, window shop online (or on Carousell), disturb my cats and bros, tidy up stuff, Tumblr and listen to music :)

5. If you could change one aspect of the world, what would it be?
- I would say the negative aspects of society. Due to society's standard of perfection and judgmental comments, so many people have eating disorders, suicidal thoughts and do everything to strife for perfection. We expect society to change, but WE are society. We should be changing ourselves before changing the people around us. Don't point out the flaws of others before looking at your own.

6. The last film you saw in the theaters and what you felt about it right there and then.
- Maleficient :) I think. I'm not sure. I thought there were some touching parts which made me laugh and cry at the same time. And I thought the plot was interesting, albeit the fact the ending seemed rushed and incomplete somehow. I mean, Aurora's dad sent her off to protect her, but when she came back, he acted like he was so consumed of anger and revenge, he didn't even give her a moment's thought. Then he died. Yay.

7. The oldest fandom bandwagon you joined is..?
- Percy Jackson :3 Are we the Jacksonites or Demigods or Half-Bloods, I wish I knew -.- So many names really.

8. Reading Vs. Writing. Which one and why? 
- Don't make me choose *gasps* That's like asking me if I rather cut off my right hand or left hand. On one hand, reading is a way for me to escape to a fictional world, fictional life and widen my scope of imagination. On the other hand, writing is a way for me to create my own imaginary world, improve my grammar and vocabulary and unleashes my (limited) creativity :)

9. Your favorite part of the day would be..?
- I can't really choose. I'd say morning for going to school/church, sleeping (Saturday) and hanging out with crazy great people. Afternoon for resting (on weekdays) and chilling with friends (on weekends). Evening for activities (sports) whenever I can. Night for sleeping :3

10. What kind of things are part of your nightmares?
- I have a recurring nightmare of going somewhere (camping) and forgetting essential things (undergarments   clothes). Also had one about falling off buildings/cliffs. Another about cockroaches living inside a man and he was the cockroach man (pretty sure this was triggered by a movie). Another one about my dad being a vampire, my mum having a creepy clone who tried to kill me, my brother being a zombie and another brother who was killed by a chandelier. (Not making this up, my nightmares are ridiculously weird)

1. What do you like most about yourself?
2. If you liked someone, what would you do about it?
3. How are you like in social situations? Are you friendly or awkward or plain rude (like me,lol)?
4. What do you like to do most?
5. Favorite websites or apps?
6. What is your biggest accomplishment?
7. What sort of clothes do you like to wear?
8. Name three places you would love to travel to.
9. What do you treasure most? (In terms of belongings)
10. What's your most hated nickname?


Angeline (Mee En): Neverland

Dapple: Iyana Tina

Joy: Chocolate for Joy

Jeans: JEANS

Esther: Orange

And whoever wants to do this! :)

Till next time!


  1. Hahahaha #yesMaineloveyoutoo
    Hahahaha you confounded bunny.
    Its okay to be violent! :D
    Cause cool girls are violent like me! XD

    1. Yay for being violent to donuts :3 haha banana not bunny :'( yayy love

  2. Haha good to know you're not tired of nominations xD
    Interesting nightmares o.o

    1. Ikr haha, this is why I hate vampires @.@. I love nominations :3


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