Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Writer's Rambles: July Days

A part of me just stopped caring. 

Hey there! :)

(That feeling when you read a sad book)

I know it's only been a couple of (precisely 2) days since my last post, but I felt like blogging today :)


Someone was yelling at me today from a restaurant, but I was so focused on walking to Watsons, I didn't notice. I had no idea that person was calling me until he messaged me and asked "Didn't you see me?!" I don't notice people calling/motioning to me, unless they're standing right in front of me or really close by, especially when I'm reading :l That's why I say I have my head in the clouds :P

If you wave to me, yell my name or something, cause I'll assume you're waving at someone else. HAHA. So many embarrassing moments when I waved at people who weren't waving at me, I'm quite terrified to do it again.


I reply to messages really slowly these days. I'm busy (doing homework and spending time with relatives) and tired (usually crash and snooze whenever I have the chance) and lazy (I don't really care about socializing and interacting and what not anymore. Literally stopped caring. That numbness that I feared would return, has returned. These days I'm either emotionless or extremely high and deliriously happy.)


   Made last minute plans with Esther (when it was almost midnight) the night before to watch Transformers 4 (even though I wasn't very enthusiastic about seeing it, not a fan of the franchise). Rushed back home after school, and got ready. (Two parcels arrived for me :3 Yay!) Esther's mum arrived to pick me up and drive us to the mall.

   We went to Big Apple Donut, where I saw a donut with the name "Apple for/of Dapple" and thought "DAPPLE, you're famous!". I ate 2 classic, normal sugary donuts and took a bite from Esther's iceberg, which left a cooling sensation in my mouth. Not much taste, but it was so interesting.

    Esther suddenly said "Look! Isn't that Indy and Keith coming up the escalator?" I turned around and watched them walk to the cinema then turned back to my donut and started munching while Esther narrated what they were doing. I think they were looking for us, because they know we planned to watch a movie, LOL.

    I asked "Want to call them over here?" She said "Never mind, see if they notice us sitting here." So we just sat there, nibbling at our donuts and they took a different path and didn't see us at all. Them guys so blur :P Esther said "I really thought they would see us loh!" Because the escalator was right next to Big Apple Donut, if they glanced over, they would have seen us at once. But they be blurcases. *laughs soundlessly*

   Went in to watch the movie. Half an hour of advertisements, so I texted and did a quiz while waiting for the movie to start. The movie lasted for 2 and a half hours, and I was so relieved when it was over.

What did I think of Transformers: Age Of Extinction?

  • Plot dragged on a lot. The movie seemed never ending.
  • I like the new characters more than the old, but I couldn't really, you know, connect to how they felt? Like when they were terrified and running, when Lucas died, etc. No feeling at all. Didn't want to cry. Almost wished they would die. 
  • They kept making unfunny jokes. When Joshua Joyce started laughing for no reason over that text message, my thought train went along the lines of "What the heck..This makes no sense. Not funny. At All."
  • The fight scenes weren't very interesting. I spaced off a lot. 
  • Loopholes. Lots of them.
  • Why did Bumblebee leave Sam? No explanation given about what happened there.
  • Awesome graphics, but it's not a good thing I thought the scenery was better than the movie's plot, LOL. 
  • I like Cade. But the other characters..Can barely remember their names. 
  •  I would have been extremely glad if they annihilated earth and killed everyone. It would be way better than the ending, because it'd at least be fascinating.
  • Probably shouldn't have watched it, because I didn't like the previous movies much either. But at least I found them more interesting than this one *Sighs*
Walked out of the cinema, feeling like I just wasted my money. Oh well.

   We went to join the guys. They were doing their Moral folio in Texas Chicken. Not sure if I pitied them or delighted in their suffering. LOL just kidding, I'm not that mean.

Keith wanted me to write for him, but I kept making excuses.

K (Lazy to type name): Write for me, can or not?
Me: Cannot.
K: But why not?
Me: ...I don't have hands. (That's what I say every time someone tells me to do something I don't want to do :3)
K:  *Sarcastically* Then what do you call that? *Gestures at my hands*
Me: Uhh..mah paws *Inserts creepy smile while holding up my hands*
K: Come on, do for me lah.
Me: Cannot, my hands frozen.
K: How many excuses you gonna give?
Me: Don't worry, I have a lot more excuses to use. HAHA. Esther, frozen right?
Esther: What? Our hands?
Me: Yeaaapp. .
Esther: Yeah, frozen really.
Me: *grins* See?
K: Hmmph.

   Indy was shivering. A lot. Goodness knows why (it wasn't even cold), but he was (o.o) Esther touched his arm, and said he's shaking like a leaf. HAHA.

   Checked some messages and saw a group conversation where them crazy people were discussing unicorns, pegasus, gryphons, Percy Jackson and vampires. It was so funny and weird, I smiled a lot and laughed silently in my head. Noticed Esther staring at me, and she gave me a weird look. She said "What's so funny?" I said "Uh..nothing much." Apparently, I smile a lot when I'm looking at my phone. Especially when I'm reading funny messages or window shopping online :3

  Spent most of the time watching the guys write out their folios (to see what their handwriting looks like), glancing at Esther to see her making funny expressions and texting. I thought it would be awkward, but I felt quite calm and chilled out.

   Esther asked the guys where their friends were, they asked "Why do you want to know?". She said "Just curious lah." I said "Woah, Esther..Something you not telling me?" Keith turned to me and told me when she likes a guy, she goes crazy about him for 24 hours then forgets about him. Gosh Orange, all the secrets you keep from me. I remarked "Esther prefers Chinese guys." and gave her an evil grin. She looked at me like she didn't know what to say. Or like she wanted to smack me on the head with a bat. HAHA.

   Asked the guys why they didn't start on their Moral folio earlier. Answer: Lazy. Esther said "It's easier if you do one page a day lah, then you don't have to do it one shot last minute." I said "Ehh, even my Add Maths folio also, I did everything last minute the day before." The guys agreed. All of us lazybums except for Esther. LOL.

   Esther texted me, saying "I'm getting drank." because she was laughing a lot. I looked up from my phone and said "What? Esther.. what do you mean you're drank?" while spluttering with laughter. Esther looked at her phone, looked up and said "Oh, oh I meant drunk!" Then I started chuckling. #lolyoufunny.

   Keith started disturbing Esther, and poked her. Her expression was so funny. Her body language was saying "Get away from me please. Eww eww." He asked me what would happen if he poked me, I replied "I'd beat the crap out of you." quite seriously.

   He turned to Esther and said "Don't I get a goodbye hug?" Esther made a face and said "NO." Just like that. HAHA. I said "Why don't you just smack his head?" and we smacked his head at the same time :3 (Violence?..yikes) We high-fived and laughed (cause we are evil. And mean. And wicked)

   Went to KFC in Giant with Esther and her mum. I ate chicken and a bun filled with mashed potatoes (Gahh, diet! But food was good). Esther took me to see the giant teddy bears, they looked so fluffy and cuddly *drools from fluffiness*. I like soft, hug-gable stuff.

   When I got back home, I started doing homework (like a good girl). Then went for dinner with AC, AA, UJ, Dad and Charlene. Only ate a plate of mini sausages. It was scrumptious though. Charlene kept trying to tickle me because she said my reaction to getting tickled is hilarious when I keep making funny noises and saying weird things. If anyone else tries to poke/tickle me..*Smacks you with a saucepan*


   Talked with A during Moral class, about what people look like when they're blogging. I was saying "Your blog sounds so hyper, like you're really excited. But then, see you blogging in person, your emotion at all."

   She said "yeah yeah!" and something about how funny it would be if people blog with giant smiles on their faces. So I pretended to type while smiling widely; then the serious, focused expression people have when they're typing; when they're blogging with a sad expression on their face and pretended to wipe tears from my eyes. We almost fell off our chairs laughing.

   We discussed it really intensely. She said "What about Dapple? She'd blog like this.." She put a manic grin on her face and started typing in air really fast. We burst out laughing and got really drunk.

   Add Maths class, sat in a group with MS, Dapple and A. A started to do that thing where one person after another turns to one particular person and says the same thing. She turned to Dapple and said "Daiyana...(something something I forgot)" Then MS turned to Dapple and said the same thing right after A. And I did the same after MS did it. Dapple's face was funny. She looked like she was thinking "You guys..." *imagines headshake in her head*

   Dapple and I talked a lot during recess, she says I never notice people when they're trying to catch my attention (o.o) Uhh, sorry to you ignored and unnoticed people. I usually think and space off a lot, probably why people want to smack me back to reality :P

   Went to eat at the mall after school with Ian, Dad and UJ. Met Charlene and AC there too. People kept glancing at me and Charlene when we were walking around (because she's half Dutch and doesn't look Chinese at all). I was desperately trying to avoid her tickling and poking me :l Saw Shermen and Sher Rin, so I waved but only Shermen saw me.

Ate a chocolate sundae (and I'm sick, lol) and here I am now :)
Have to go do homework..Urgghh.

P.S. I bought a bunch of new clothes recently, and 5 shirts are black :3 One shirt is grey. And I have a grey cardigan now too. And a denim vest, which I think might be too small for me *sighs*.


  1. Omg SAME HERE. I look at my phone and I'm smiling/laughing and MY BROTHER has such a major problem with it -.- he's like "what are laughing at? no, tell me. TELL ME"

    1. Oh my gosh, your brother sounds like my brother! D: (are you sure we're not somehow related to the same person? XD) It's just a natural thing to do, smiling at my phone :3

  2. I don't like Transformers much either! :3 Didn't watch the fourth film but don't think I will in anyways sooo >_< Hahaha I always wave back at people it's so embarrassing and then I pretend to wave at someone behind the person which usually doesn't work out either lol :D

    1. Ohhh, yayy! :D (People think I'm weird for not liking it, but I just don't, HAHA) I wouldn't recommend it :l IKR it's so embarrassing, I just gave up on trying figure out if that wave was directed towards me or someone else XD

  3. Pffft, me smiles all the time. Me being me! Muahahaha but seriously, I dun do that maniac grin while typing! -.-

    1. Yeah you do :3 You so smiley, daps. Do you not? :P We were just making fun of you, but you know you love us <3


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