Monday, July 14, 2014

Your Perception Changes Everything

If I hear that phrase one more time, I'm gonna smack you with a saucepan.

Hey there! :)

(Important: I don't know if you guys have heard about it, but please, pray for Gaza. If you don't know what it's about, you should definitely check out news on it and you'll see what I mean. This is an issue more people should be aware of.)

(I'm so optimistic these days, I'm getting tired of it)

I'm currently debating with someone over pegasus and unicorns. She prefers unicorns (with a magical horn), and I prefer pegasus (with sassy wings). It's a weird conversation. But it's fun :P (I'm lucky to have crazy friends, even though they're weird ones) (Take your sanity pills, guys)

I saw the Blood Of Olympus covers not-too-recently and they are gorgeous.
I prefer the UK cover though (the one on the right)


   Dapple and I were talking to Daniel, Edward, Fishcake and 4 more of their friends (me forgot your names, sorry) during recess. Daniel said "someone's" legs are really hairy, so everyone stared at that person's legs before realizing he was wearing long pants, and we can't see his legs. HAHA. I actually thought he said "hairy shoes" and I was dumbfounded for a moment. 

   We were talking about our nicknames. Dapple's nickname is obviously Dapple (Real name: DD/Daiyana) but Daniel calls her "Punicorn". She calls him "Green microorganism" (micro for short) and "Tang" (his surname). Everyone calls me Maine (Yay, short and sweet) except for some people who call me a "Confounded banana". Veshvek's nickname is Fishcake. And Edward doesn't have a nickname yet. HAHA. Sometimes refer to him as the tall guy, because he's tall :P

    Daniel balanced a book on his head and did a curtsy and some random movements, just to show that he has perfect balance. *rolling around laughing* He asked Edward to try, but the moment Edward moved slightly, the book fell off and everyone started laughing at his expression. Fishcake's real name is really long (o.o). He has his father's and stepfather's name at the end of his own name. Talked about straight and wavy hair, who's tall and short and I forgot what else. 


    Managed to guilt-trip (just kidding)   convince A to attend Christian Fellowship with me! :D Dapple would have come, but she had to take care of the twins at home. We were both apprehensive about going because 1. it's our first time 2. we had no idea what would happen 3. we scared and shy (lol, me jokes). But we went anyway :) A made me promise not to leave her. Of course I wouldn't have left you, don't be cray cray. 

    Daniel saw us leaving the chemistry lab, and he came over and asked "You guys coming for cf? No?" because for months, I've been telling him I won't be able to make it for cf everytime he asks. *hangs head in shame* He looked really surprised when I said we would be attending, and said "Oh yay, that's great!" 

    And we traveled through a secret passage to the meeting place. (I'm almost serious about this, did travel through a passage XD) There were 5 people out of 9 in attendance, Daniel, Edward, Fishcake, A and I. The chairs were so low, but the table was really high. (A and I joked about this today, because we both felt really short at the table, HAHA)

     Edward said the Lord's prayer, then we started with a discussion on sin and Genesis (The origins of sin / Adam and Eve). It was a really funny discussion, with sound effects from Daniel (and everyone added to it) each time we talked about something intense, we made sound effects like from the movies. 

    A asked about the mark of the beast, the 666 microchips. She heard about it in church, and she wanted to know more about it, so we had another intense discussion referring to Revelations about chips, the second coming of Christ and end of the world. Daniel and Edward mentioned watching a show about the chips people insert into their foreheads, arms and etc. Daniel said he was so freaked out, he hugged Edward, LOL. 

   We talked about the U.S. government supposedly spying on their citizens (I recall a Person of Interest episode, where they mentioned this) through their webcams and front-facing cameras on their phones by hacking. 

    Fishcake kept putting his head on the table and holding up a peace sign when we looked at him or said something about him. Daniel said "Kawaiiiiiii.." We discussed the tree of knowledge of good and evil that Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat from. (The Bible can be really interesting) And wondered if the fruit was an apple or not. Edward pointed out Fishcake's adam's apple, which was quite prominent and we all stared at him. He looked embarrassed and hid his throat behind his hand :P Laughed a lot and teased him about it. 

    Towards the end of the meeting, we had a closing prayer where everyone had to pray. So we debated for almost 20 minutes about who has to choose which topic. A prayed for studies, I prayed for healing, Fishcake prayed for his father, Edward prayed for an upcoming performance and Daniel prayed the closing part (and more, which I forgot about). 

    A prayed in Chinese and she bowed her head really low, saying the prayer quietly. The guys moved their heads closer and I tried not to laugh, but exploded with chuckles when A looked up and saw their faces so close. Her expression was just too hilarious. 

We talked about where we live before leaving (I said I was going to walk home, and it went on..) and this is how the conversation went:

Daniel: So where do you guys live anyway?
Me: Oh I live in ........ (complicated explanation of where I live, because I don't know how to describe where I live, because there aren't any major landmarks nearby)
A: I live in (one neighbourhood).
Daniel: I live near the ..... at the ...! 
Edward: I live at *silence* a pondok next to the dewan (hall) 
What the ... *LMAO*
Everyone started laughing. 

I dragged Mee En off, said goodbye and waved to the guys. Inadvertently ended up going to my cousin's house and spending time there with my relatives and their dogs. 

   Went for a sleepover in my cousin's house that night, 5 of us girls. My aunt scolded me for not eating properly all day and heated up some fried rice for me, JA and Charlene. I was so tired that day, didn't have a chance to rest, so I slept earlier than the rest after talking and teasing each other for a while. 

     Woke up and went downstairs. Vivian cooked pancakes, eggs and hash browns for breakfast. It was delicious. JA had to go to school, so she left early. The rest of us (Viv, Mich, Charlene, me) went to Midvalley Megamall to shop, along with UJ, AC, Jun Yang and AA (although we went in two separate groups during shopping). 

    I bought a ring from Forever 21 for RM 3. The clothes were gorgeous, but I didn't have much money and I didn't really feel like buying anything. We went for lunch at Kenny Rogers, had some drinks at tea-time and I ate noodles for dinner. Went to Cold Storage, bought a cherryade for Joy, gingerade for bros, some chocolate (which melted really quickly -.-) and pizza Pringles. 
(I prefer ginger ale, this isn't exactly my can of drink..although it's not bad)

    We searched for matching tees to wear to Port Dickson, where we're going for a vacation but couldn't find any nice and affordable ones. Uniqlo has gorgeous plain tops *drools* and I plan to buy some long-sleeved tops to add to my collection in the future :) 

     Joined up with the rest of our family, and went to Borders to look around. They have great bookmarks. I bought a notebook with plain black pages and a silver pen. Then I sat down and started checking out the magazines on the newsstands. The US and Australian magazines are so nice, but at least 4 times more expensive than our local ones. The freebies inside looks cool though.

Me wants this...sigh.

     Saw an exhibition of decorated wau(s), made by students from art colleges for a competition hosted by Maybank. People can vote by filling in a form and dropping it into a box, so I voted for this one:
Mostly because I like watercolors and paintings like these. 
The back part is splendid too, but I didn't get to snap a photo of it because a security guard was standing in front of it. 
There were 3D wau(s) there too, but I liked this best :)


    Tagged along with Mum to fetch Ryan to the KTM. I wore eyeliner, because I wanted to test the In2it gel pencil liner. Mostly because I miss being a pandacoon *lessthanthree* and looking like an emo goth. 

    Went into the room in the fellowship hall, and sat with Jeans. Talked to her about funny things that happened during the week and TFIOS movie for a while before praise and worship started. I left the room and went to the washroom to remove my eyeliner and put it on again on my left eye. 

    One of the girls from Rangers appeared next to me after I took off my eyeliner and proceeded to stare at me while I was putting it on. I felt so awkward and weird, I laughed and said "Don't stareeee. Pleeaaasseee." 

   But she kept on staring. So I tried to ignore her and put on my eyeliner while holding in my laughter. She said "You're a commander right? From Adventure Rangers." I told her "Yeah, sort of." and smiled. Hoping she wouldn't think I'm a lunatic for having so much eyeliner on. 

    Went for main service with Joy, Darren, Isaac and Josh Wong. Heard a touching testimony about a man who spent time in prison and about how he found God. Left afterwards with Joy, to have an earlier lunch. Only ate a bun and drank Milo. 

    Shawn (a.k.a. Rawr) appeared and sat down. He said "I recognized you from the back." I blinked and replied "What?" Then thought, oh did he mean my hair? LOL. *Scratches head* Still clueless. Braids are my trademark now, apparently. Then Keith appeared and sat down. Followed by Alicia, Rachel and Leeson. 

    We had our unofficial ISCF meeting (if you can call it that) and started planning the event. Who's in charge of what and everything. Shawn and Keith are cooking, Joy and I are baking and us four girls are in charge of serving the food. 

     My phone kept distracting me, and there was a funny conversation going on about tying people to trees and shooting each other with nerf guns so I had to try really hard not to burst out laughing and looking like a lunatic. (Guys, why you so funny? I blame you for ruining my serious facade)

    The ISCF discussion was interesting though. Funny at some points, like when Keith said something and everyone heard a different thing. HAHA. I passed some chocolate to Keith, because I promised him I would get him some (at least I think I did..Don't remember). 

    Shawn and Joy gasped and said "Chocolateeeee." and they split the second bar of Bounty chocolate. Joy broke the chocolate into half, Shawn gave her a "are you kidding me?" look and Keith said "She took the bigger half, didn't she?" Joy said "It BROKE." And I thought it was funny for some reason. (Probably Shawn's expression, HAHA) 

    I was really high (on oxygen) yesterday. Probably from lack of sleep and having drunk discussions with people about funny things. Had to control myself, because I had no intention of going to a doctor to get my brain checked :P 

    Went with Joy to the shops to look for things to buy, then we chilled in the Rangers office, with the air-cond and comfy couches. We sat there talking about life and mostly online shopping (On Carousell) till she went home. I went to the fellowship hall, and waited for Dad to fetch me home. Said goodbye to Cheryl S., Cheryl A. and Stephanie A. before leaving. (Drats, I forgot about Peanut's piano sheets -.-)

Napped for 3 hours when I came home. It was great *__* 

   Went to school today, although I did feel sort of lazy this morning. We had 3 free periods because the teachers didn't come to school (they watching the finals last night :P probably) so I sat with Dapple and Mee En in a group and we gossiped a lot. Talked about CF and ISCF. And made fun of each other and other people :P 

    Daps and I spent recess, planning a group study and discussing holiday plans. During ICT, I sat at the back of the class (air cond!) with Nabilah, Dapple and A to do our database assignment. I showed them their fake addresses, that me and Nab made up : "Cocount Street" and "Rambutan Street" in Malay. And they told me they made up street names out of fruits for their assignment too XD. Yay, same thinking! 

    I had lunch at the mall and spend the day fawning over 10 kittens (pregnant cat gave birth to 6 kittens! Can you imagine that? SIX. In addition to the four we already have. *Faints* And the weird, formerly pregnant cat keeps drinking milk from the its mother, who recently had her own batch of kittens. This cat family. Is. Strange.)

Ramble: (Sort of a rant)
  1. Don't take things too seriously. People don't say things to offend you, they say it because they can't stand to watch you stomping on yourself, looking down on yourself and being jelmo [(jealous = jelly) + (emotional = emo) = jelmo] all the time. 
  2. Try listening/understanding what we're telling you, because it doesn't seem to register in your mind and you just repeat the same thing again. 
  3. Have you considered the fact that maybe if you think more of yourself and have some faith in who you are, other people will admire and respect you for being able to do that? (But don't be too arrogant, like me)
  4. If you don't look up to yourself....who will? 
  5. And don't say I don't know what it feels like, I've been there and I know that feeling. But you should learn how to be more positive about life. (Happiness guaranteed)
  6. Don't fall in 'like' with someone you've only known for a couple of weeks. Who knows, that person might be a complete beach and you might not even realize it. (She certainly is) 
  7. Don't assume everyone likes someone else better than you, because you have no way of being certain of that fact. 
  8. Stop thinking people don't like you, and just chill and learn to be happy and have fun with us :)
  9. I like Pegasus more than unicorns :3 #teamblackjack
  10. I stopped caring about whether people like me or not. I mean, it's completely okay with me if you don't enjoy my company or think I'm stuck up/weird/nerdy because I don't care anymore. Think what you want of me, it's none of my concern. I'm so tired of trying to live up to people's expectations and worrying about what people think of me, it made me miserable and touchy. So, think what you like, I don't mind :) The only opinions I care about, are the ones made by those who matter. And you're not one of them. (I'm cool, don't ask me to calm down, LOL)
I'm exhausted now, so till next time!

P.S. Oh wait, Dapple and A wrote "Jalan Nanas" and "Jalan Malas" LOL.


  1. Meany Maine Unicorns are better! Hmphh
    Unicorns haz sexy horn and pegasus only haz wings like birds! :P

    1. Pssshh, unicorns are like rhinos! HHMMPPHHH. Pegasus are like flying horses and they be so awesome :3

  2. Nahh Maine! Just accept the fact love! UNICORNS RULE! Shoo Pegasus

    1. I will not accept that because it's not the TRUTH. PEGASUS FOR LYFE. *Throws Dapple into ocean*

    2. *drowns* *dying* I can't swim.
      Unicorns are bydjktjdpeblfjsvwkocsbveldbskwosl... (drowns and dies)

    3. *gasps* That means..PEGASUS WINS :D *RIP Dapple*

  3. LOL JELMO (I found this word extremely funny)
    And omg thanks for adding a couple of lines for Palestine. I really hope the violence stops :(

    1. Yeah, my friends are "creative" :p

      it's no problem! I'm actually surprised not many people have heard about it :l it's heartbreaking.

    2. Maine !! I support u ! Pegasus is always RAWKSS!!! :3
      DD should be the "UNITHOR" (UNICORN+ THOR) hahaha!! Damn freakin violent ? speak so freakin loud ? ps/:so suit her, dont chu think ?

    3. You pigpoop! Unicorn rocks Pegasus sucks! And I am offended! Next time I be quiet! LOL
      *unicorn saved dapple*
      Ps; My unicorn can swim

    4. A: YES! Yay, 2-1 against Dapple! *Rolls around laughing* Pegasus is definitely awesome :3
      I AGREE, Dapple will be Unithor for life XD It definitely suits her *Evil happy dance*

      DD: You so jelly cause unicorns can never fly :P Me no likes quiet dapple. Unicorns cannot swim, they no flappy wings.


    1. Unicorns can't catch Pegasus in the sky :3 *Gleeful dance* DENIAL.

    2. Meany Maine, Unicorns are super fast! It can catch you before you fly away like birds! *random dance moves*

    3. You weird girl, YOU WEIRD. *Scowls* *Smacks Dapple*

  5. *glues Banana's hand to the tree* *smirks*
    Love, you labb me!

    1. *stomps foot in frustration* *Summons dragons to attack Dapple*

  6. I thought you labb me? *starts crying* *commit suicides* *sends last love letter to unicorn*

    1. I do, I do! Stop KILLING YOURSELF, WOMAN. *Shakes Dapple back to reality*

  7. *wakes up* *kisses banana* muah muah muah! :*

  8. Hi Maine Lyn! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I really think the cover for blood of olympus is cool! I've been reading a lot of Rick Riordan's books, from the Percy Jackson series, to the Kane Chronicles, to the Demigod Diaries, and now to the Heroes of Olympus series! (I'm a big bookworm) I'm curious about the conclusion, and I hope it's good! I'm getting tired of cliffhangers, you know?XD.
    I think I have to take no. 7 from your rant! Often times I think that people like other people better than me, although, really, you can't know for sure! Need to be more positive XD.

    1. Thank YOU for stopping by mine too :D And I enjoyed reading your blog so it's really no trouble at all :) IKR I LOVE IT. I love it when I meet people who likes reading the same things I do XD Same here, and especially cliffhangers which means literally hanging on cliffs :P Yeah, most people feel that way and it's definitely important to stay positive :)


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