Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bowling Trip & ISCF Meeting

Hey there!

(Credits to Joy's blog!)

I'm having breathing difficulties lately. I feel like I'm not getting enough oxygen :l But it's bearable, haha.

   Went to Klang Parade this morning to play bowling. With Joy, Jeans, Esther, Cheryl, Sam, Keith, Indy, Hong Wei, Kiran and Fabian. It was really fun. I'm glad I went. I almost didn't because I wanted to go for laser tag at first. But changed my mind. And once I agreed to go bowling, AA called and tried to persuade me to go to Sunway Pyramid. I said no, because I've already said I would go for bowling. And I hate it when people back out of plans because "something better came up" so I'd be a hypocrite if I did back out. Also, really wanted to bowl :3

   I almost didn't wake up on time this morning, but Grumpy came into the room, yowling and jumped on the bed, so I woke up -.- (Alarm cat never fails)

   Was quite half-asleep the entire time I got ready. I waited on my house porch for Cmdr Molly to pick me up, and played with the kittens. Panda wanted food, so I had to go to the garden to leave a bowl of cat food there for him. Cmdr Molly came, so I rushed to lock the door, grab my bag from where it was and locked the gate.

   Saw 3 figures at the very back and frowned. (Watch CSI too much, and you expect to see dead bodies everywhere) Sam was in the front seat with Cmdr Molly. Indy, Keith and their friend, Kiran (who looks remarkably like Andrew R) were in the back, eating sandwiches and drinking coffee/tea. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. After Joy hopped into the car, we didn't talk much. So Cmdr Molly asked if we're okay, cause we were so quiet. I smiled and said "Just tired, commander." Met Esther and Cheryl when we reached Klang Parade.

   Joy, Esther, Cheryl and I went to the arcade. Saw lovely prizes to be won (powerbank, sweets, earphones) and sat on a mechanical horse :3 Then Aijean came, so we went back downstairs to the bowling alley.

   Joy and I kept disappearing (through Caring pharmacy, it had two entrances so we could easily escape to a different lane) , because Mr. DIY (shop with interesting stuff) was conveniently nearby. We didn't plan it, it just happened. We exchanged glances, laughed and ran away. I bought a Hot Huez hair chalk set for A and Dapple, because I couldn't buy it for them earlier :l The others found us eventually.

   Wore bowling shoes, one blue one purple. Realized that I chose size 6, which was too big for me, so it was loose. The ball made a terrific noise whenever we played. I noticed the more experienced players slide the ball soundlessly and always seemed to hit the pins. Joy told me to imagine someone who makes me extremely angry, and when I did, I threw the ball down really hard and didn't hit anything.

   Sam told me to put someone I dislike there and imagine hitting him, I said "Oh, then can you go and stand there? Right in front of the pins." He looked flabbergasted and Fabian said "Ohhhh...Burnnn!" So funny. Sam was the only guy using the girls' lane for some reason. We clapped every time someone's ball enters the gutter.

   Keith wanted to advise us (girls) how to play, so he showed us one by one. Keith told me to use a heavier ball, I said "But..but.." He said "Just do it.." I sighed and took a different ball, looking disgruntled. I heard Esther laughing and saying "Look at Maine's face!" Then he said "Okay, so first you bend your knees." I gave him a if-you-say-so smile and bent my knees. "Now roll it, don't throw it down." So I did. And I hit 7 pins. HAHA. (Still played pretty badly, because of lack of sleep and experience. I have terrible aim, but I love archery, LOL)

   Indy said all the guys playing really badly because they cannot focus on bowling with us girls around. Then someone said "Okay girls, shooo shooo! Go away, don't watch us." But we're playing right next to them (-___-) Took selfies with the girls :3 Yayyy. (Can be seen on Joy's blog) Hong Wei was really good at bowling. Most of the guys were.

   We took two buses to Aeon. I've been on buses before, but never on my own (because my parents know I have no sense of direction, just like my Dad, so I get lost/distracted/confused very easily) Decided to watch a movie (Guardians of the Galaxy..Although Jezreel, who joined us later, tried to trick us into thinking we're watching Planet of the Apes) We girls went to eat while the guys bought the tickets. We bought almost an entire row of sets. There were 12 of us, I think.

   Met Darren and his "friend" walking together. We were walking in one horizontal line, when we saw them, we stopped and said "Awww..." in unison. Couldn't help it, Darren looked so embarrassed and his friend, Amelia looked really shy. He told me and Joy on Saturday that it was more awkward to meet us girls then to meet the guys. (Oops, sorry, we made her uncomfortable @.@ )

   The theater was hot and cold. My body felt cold then hot, but my face felt warm and my hands were frozen. I sat next to Joy (left) and Keith (right). Seating arrangement: Jezreel, Kiran, Hong Wei, Sam, Jeans, Cheryl, Esther, Joy, me, Keith, Fabian, Indy. I kept moving around in my seat. Felt restless, and didn't want to get cramps. Accidentally bumped my arm into Keith's a couple of times. LOL sorry. I like the armrests too much.

   The movie was hilarious. I quite enjoyed it. It's something like an action flick, with a lot of humorous parts in it. Esther went home after the movie. The guys were talking about going to the cybercafe, and Cheryl was really excited too. Keith went all dramatic and said  "When you girls leave, we'll be like yes! *pumps fist in air* Game time!" Joy and I stared at him blankly. She said "Oh, then we'll stay close to you forever" (or something like that)

   After a few seconds, she added "Oh, on second thought...Byeee!" She said "Let's go!" to me, so we walked off. I think they thought we would walk back to them, but we didn't. HAHA. Went to Popular and Harvey Norman's to look around.

   Jeans called and said we could join them in the food court upstairs, so we joined them. Listened to the weird conversations going on, with my mind half asleep. Sam was saying something like "I tell you to do now! You dare or not?" to Keith or Indy (goodness knows). Cheryl and I were confused, we stared at each other and said "What did he say? Huh?" Then "Never mind lah. What nonsense." HAHA.

   Wrote half of this post when I came home. Then went for a last-minute sleepover at my aunt's house because I promised Charlene I would. Was kinda grumpy and tried sleeping on the couch but I couldn't. Some of my aunts and cousins were over, and going gaga over girly stuff until 12.30 am. "Someone" smacked my butt and said it's nice. LOL, why did you smack my butt? Feel so violated *sniffs* Had some bread and Milo for supper and went to sleep around 3 am.

   Woke up at 12.30 pm :3 So lovely to sleep for so long. Took a shower and walked into the kitchen. AA suddenly yelled at me "Eh, hurry up and make some Milo for you and your cousin! Don't just stand there, and waste time." I felt really annoyed. If I were a more sarcastic and rude person, I'd say "Who do you think I am? Your maid?" But then she'd be really pissed at me. So I replied calmly "Excuse me, but I just came here, okay? And next time, can you ask nicely instead of yelling at me like we're in a pasar malam (night market)? Wanting something done quickly isn't an excuse to be rude." She didn't say a word after that.

Went to Aeon because Charlene wanted to blow dry her hair. And walked around for a bit. Then came home :) Went for a family dinner, and ate way too much. My sides ache for some reason. I think I slept too stiffly last night. (Was so terrified I'd kick Charlene in my sleep)

    Only had about 3-4 hours sleep the night before. I'm having a peculiar sickness where I feel like puking whenever I eat, only I can't puke -.- I was reluctant to go to church for the ISCF gathering but I went anyway. I couldn't move fast or get ready quickly because I get dizzy and feel sick.

    Quite enjoyed the meeting. Dillion did an icebreaker game. He called Joy out. She tried hiding behind him, but he kept moving away (so funny, omg, seriously). He finally gave up and sat down on the stage. She sat down too and she had a yay-I-can-sit-down expression on her face. (Was about to choke from laughing at that point)

Dillion: If you were stuck on an island? Name three people you want to be there with you.

Joy: Umm...Pastor Arun, Charmaine and Aijean.

Dillion: Wait, why Aijean?! Get back to that later, why do you want Pastor Arun there? So he can swim and do things for you is it? ...Giant...Really strong. Okay okay, so, why Charmaine?

Joy: ...Because she's one of my closest friends? (So touched :P)

Dillion: Oh, I see. It's like I die, you die with me lah. (this was hilarious) She can comfort you when you're sad and all.

Joy: Yes yes.

Dillion: And now, the biggest question of all...why Aijean?!

*heard a lot of people laughing, and I was laughing too*

Joy: Well, because she can always make me laugh.

Dillion: Oh my gosh..Okay, I get it now.

Then he called Crystal out, and did the same thing.

   Icebreaker was followed by a worship session with Adrian Chew. We sang a couple of songs and he actually wrote a song of his own in Malay (but I don't remember how it goes anymore) which was really good. Dillion gave a speech on ISCF and evangelizing. Then it was eating time...

   Food looked really good, but I felt sick, so I only ate a small portion of spaghetti and a piece of chicken. (Yayyy, thanks to Rawr a.k.a. Shawn for preparing it) Hung around on the seats outside the second hall, talked to Esther, Joy, Darren and Shawn for a bit and thought gloomily of Charlene leaving tonight and unfinished homework.

   Called Dad and let Joy pick up the phone, he didn't even realize it wasn't me (-__-) What? How can he not? He said he's on the way. So I stood up and said "Dad's coming soon, going to wait downstairs." then said goodbye to everyone. Keith said "I'll walk you downstairs." Joy (I think, or Indy) said "Ohhh, gentleman." Looked up from where I was on the stairs and saw Joy's, Joshua's and Indy's faces pressed up against the glass. They looked like puppies waiting for treats, so excited and hyper D: I waved at them.

   Dad ended up coming only after 20 minutes, so I talked to Keith until he arrived. Went straight to Bukit Raja to have a COD meeting with someone buying hair oil from me. She was pretty friendly and she had cats *__* Went to Eng Ann to buy food to eat. I drank orange juice :3 Then came home and debated with my Mum about why I want a new phone. She finally agreed and said yes! ( She's paying the balance RM 333) :D YAYY. *happy dance* Yay for excellent parents. I ordered it, so it should be arriving this coming week :3 so excited. Can't wait. Going cray cray.

Going to the airport soon to send Charlene and AC off :l Will miss them. Kinda excited to go to McCafe though, since we don't have it near where we live.

Am going to church tomorrow, then McDs to do homework with Dapple. Esther wants to come too, yayy. It might be awkward for them to meet each other for the first time, but since they're both talkative and friendly...I'd probably regret introducing them. HAHA. They're both in team Unicorn, so they should get along fine :)

Anyways, till next time! :)


  1. Looks like fun! I love everyones glasses btw.

    Daisy l LittleKawaiiDaisy

  2. Omg, we're planning to go watch Dawn of the Planet of the Apes >.> but just family cause it's my brother who's always jumping like "OMG THIS JUST CAME OUT!" *quickly marks a date for about 20 days later so we don't have to face any rush*

    1. There's been so many interesting movies coming out this year *___* I hope you enjoy watching it! Hehe


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