Friday, August 15, 2014

To Have Friends Like You

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Hey there! :) [ A genius asked me "Where's there?" I said "Me no knows.."]

I'm too lazy tired to reply to my messages at the moment. I'll probably reply to them at night (sorry). I can't text when I'm blogging because I get so distracted.

Sam said I play the piano better than he does -_- But I'm jelly of him because he knows how to play chords. And he wants me to get him a unicorn, anyone knows where they sell unicorn plushies? :3 Or a horse plushie. I'll stick a horn on it.

Jihah, Me, Nab.
Me likes you guys.

Wednesday: It's A Blur Day

    Came out of the Chemistry lab, half-asleep. I didn't realize Edward was leaning against the door until he said "Heyyy! Pegasus!" I turned back, smiled and waved. Dapple yelled "No, unicorn!" I remember, I walked past him in the corridor absentmindedly and didn't even notice him till he nudged me and smiled. Then I smiled back, embarrassed for being so dazed.

     Aqil stood next to me and gave me a smug look. I groaned and said "Ohh no. Please don't." A looked at him, then at me and asked "Why? What's up?" I sniffed and said "He's trying to prove that he's taller than me." And the rest of the school day was a blur. This is what happens when I don't get enough sleep :l

    Was supposed to go to Nabilah's house but dad had errands to run, so I arrived pretty late. Nab asked me to eat quickly so we can take photos. I ended up taking photos with my mouth full because they were so impatient :P Talked to Izzati about phones. She said that mine looks like a Samsung phone, but it's nooottt. We went a little crazy with photo taking too. Had a fun time :)

Nab, Miza, Satriati, Jihah.

Jihah wanted to do gangster faces. I think we look pretty fierce :P

My fringe is so weird. 

Supposed to be kissy faces, but mine looks like I'm puffing my cheeks.

Lipless smile!

We were experimenting with the lighting outside her house XD''

Everyone who was there :)

Thursday: The Day I Punched A's Nose (Blame the Unicorn Xpress)

    Accidentally punched A in the nose when Daps was being a unicorn xpress (walked between people and said "Choo chooo") (running away from sweaty guys) and knocked into her. It just so happened that I was fistbumping Khai (who was standing on A's left. I was on her right) and A was fistbumping Lemon/Fishcake.

    I was retracting my fist when Daps knocked into A, so A's nose smashed into my hand. I gasped and said "Oh my gosh, I'm so so sorry! Are you okay?" She looked like she was laughing too hard to answer. I asked "What happened?" And she told me Dapple knocked into her. So I said "Unicorn Xpress is dangerous."

    Edward and Aqil hugged (in the name of bromance). We watched in amusement when Edward suddenly looked confused. Then realization dawned on him. He pushed Aqil away and said "Dude, you're sweating!" Then he tried rubbing the sweat on someone.

    Khai wanted to do the heart shape with our hands to see if it fits perfectly. It didn't so we said "Aww..too bad." He did it with MS, and it just so happened everyone was watching at that moment so cue the " sweet!" and "Ouhhhh!" noises. Laughed a lot at their bashful expressions. Khai turned to waved at his friend, I made bunny ears behind his head. A, Dapple and I were grinning and chuckling because he didn't realize.

    Started scribbling on a birthday card and present for Sze Wei.We scribbled papers too because the marker pens were *___*

Aqil's famous :P
#justkidding #butseriously 

A wrote "craycray" as "crayray" and wrote #typo. Then she miswrote #speako as #spekpo. I couldn't stop laughing at her reaction. (Nooo..NOOO. Crap, typo again!)

Some of the words were written by our curious classmates. Most of them were written by the clumsy ladies a.k.a. us.  

Written by: Me, A, Dapple, MS. Our hand-writings are pretty similar. 

    Was waiting for dad at my waiting spot. A cat walked past me when I was reading, so I called it to me (with my super cat-lover powers) and it started rubbing itself against my leg. I petted it and mewed at it. It mewed back. Daniel and Edward came up to me with 2 friends and said "Hey Maine!" Daniel said "First thing I saw was the cat swishing its tail around you." I laughed and the cat wandered away. I talked to them (or rather listened to them talk, LOL) until my dad arrived. 

Friday: Study Time Was A Fail.

    The Science stream classes had to go for a lecture on time management. I sat there quietly, trying not to fall asleep. Dapple had to go for ICT training in anticipation for the assessment next week. Fun time was when A and I started discussing hairy legs and traded funny stories.

    We went to the canteen to study after school. Ran into Aqil and Khai. Then saw Daniel, Edward and DH, whom we spoke to for a while. Aqil and Khai hung out with us for a couple of minutes while we bought food (well, I did) and drinks. Dapple pulled Aqil's hair for some reason, he showed us later than his hair is movable (can move back and forth) So creepy. A said "You're like an Alien leh. Suits her (dapple) cause she's an Avatar."

    Aqil walked towards me and held out a drink. I glanced at him questioningly and said "Is this for me?" He said he's buying me a drink cause he didn't have a chance to buy me ice cream (it's a long story. Actually it's not. I'm just too lazy to explain) I said "Aww so sweet. Thanks man." I feel kinda guilty because me always feels bad when people do nice things for me. (I don't deserve it)

    We started on our Chemistry revision. But Dapple was playing around a lot. A and I finally lost our composure, started laughing and joking a lot till we couldn't even talk anymore. Poor DH was standing there, wondering what's wrong with us. Our study plans always fail when we're all together. Dapple took my phone and took selfies.

Fooling around with her cable :P

The kicap chicken I hold in my hand is deliciousness. 
And that drink is from Aqil #yourock #aiqilu 

A.. who was trying to study. 

Dapple and DH #the.two.ds

Went to eat at the mamak after A left and took selfies outside 99 while waiting for our parents to arrive to fetch us home.

1. Don't kiss me.
2. Tongues out!
3. Smile awkwardly.

If people insist on calling me cute, I might as well act like it :P Haha just kidding. #puppyfaces.

(I desperately want to dye my hair back to a darker color, but I don't want to damage it)

The wind blew our hair all over the place. 

Me liked this month. It's been great so far. I'll be sad when it's time to leave school. 
And I didn't get PLKN (National Camp)! A and Dapple did. Not sure how I feel about that.

Till next time! :)

P.S. I just realized that June is my jinx month. That's when I get irrational and when things I don't like happening, happens.


    ME LIKES THE SELFIE. WILL POST ON INSTA! XD *turns off the capslock*
    We really need to study! *sigh* but Unicorn xpress is funnnnn!

    1. It wasn't meeee. *glances at A* you <3 us! Me likes it three.

      Ikr. We get so sidetracked when we study together :l

      Not to mention Dangerous!!

  2. LOL @ Fierce Faces xDD You and the girl in the middle did a good job on that xD
    Isn't it fun writing absolute nonsense on a card and give it to someone xD I used to do that a lot :p

    1. Yeah :D Fierceness :3

      It is! Very! It's sort of the reason why I look forward to writing handwritten letters and making handmade gifts for people <3

  3. The last picture at Nabilah's house, the girl in front, who dat so pretteh.

    Oh oh and I've been meaning to say this since long ago but your friend Dapple reminds me of someone, but I can't remember who! I keep thinking its Marzia, a YouTuber who's the girlfriend of another YouTuber, Pewdiepie. BUT I DON'T KNOW WHY I THINK THEY LOOK ALIKE! HAHAHHA i don't know i don't know, every time i see her face my mind is boggled because it's not Marzia, its someone else BUT I CANT PUT MY FINGER ON IT. HAHAHHAHA ya thats all hehehe

    1. That's Yuyie, a.k.a Fitri! :D

      Oh oh, she does?! My girl ain't no Pewdiepie's girlfriend, lololol just kidding. She wishes she could be Superwoman though. HAHAHA.

  4. Omf every time me and my friends give group presents the card is literally to die for! We always scribble random insiders etc. on it and the person receiving it will be like;"...what?" but secretly they'll be happy! ;) Studying is too much fun when you're among friends- it just doesn't work. :) Which is a good thing, obviously.

    By the way, I nominated you for a Liebster! You can see it here ! x

    1. YESH YESH precisely! :D Especially adding in some inside joke or nickname for them. Yeah I know, unfortunate, yet blessed in that way :P

      Aww thank you!


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