Tuesday, August 12, 2014

We Be Clumsy Together

Yeah, I missed you too. 
Cheese: We're promoting Starbucks :P
Hey there! :)

I haven't been feeling well these days. Everything I eat makes me sick. Which kinda sucks because I love eating -.- 

People have been pointing out that I've been more nonchalant and sarcastic lately. (Oh geez, I didn't realize. How shocking..There's sarcasm right there.)

Anyway, here goes! :)

Friday (8 August 2014)
   My class (and other ICT class) combined had an ICT lecture in the computer lab. I was happy I got to sit with A, Dapple, MS, Mei King and another girl (whose name I never bothered figuring out). Yuyie, Jihah, Nab and Laily were sitting in front. We joked around and teased each other a lot (especially Dapple, everyone picks on her :P) But we paid attention whenever the lecturer spoke though. #goodgirls

    The Malay guys behind me (from the other class) kept "flirting" (I think they were being friendly, but people disagree), talking to us and they were pretty funny. I turned back once, and the guys started making faces at me so I stared at them. Dapple noticed and said "Stop staring at Vemlan!" (He was sitting behind me) I said "I was looking at the window." (Too lazy to explain why I was staring at the Malay guys and yes, we have windows at the back of our lab)

    We got free food after the lecture! 
Tomato rice with chicken :D
*happy dance*

    Went for CF. Discussion was mostly about witnessing and planning a birthday party (with pizza..drools) for next week. Had to pray for Dapple because she was sick. We looked at each other and grinned because we predicted earlier that I would have to pray for her if she coughed a lot. We held hands during prayer. 

   Teacher took us to the mamak to eat. I ate roti canai, got really full and stared at Edward and Daniel because they were eating 2 roti canai(s) and one roti bom. Fishcake said "Wow." And pointed at my phone. I thought he was pointing at my foot, so I said "Huh?" and blinked. He sighed in exasperation and said "WOW." and pointed at my phone again. I grinned and said "Oh, thanks. I'm gonna change my phone soon, you want?" (I wasn't kidding..really) 

    He smiled and held out his hands with a hopeful expression (so cute, seriously. I don't know why our juniors are so pretty/cute/have perfect skin -.- Jelly. We actually tell them that to their faces XD Cause we are shameless), and asked me "Wait, why you wanna change your phone?" Cue a brief discussion about phones. Daniel showed us his phone, Samsung something, the Eiffel tower cover was really nice.

    It was rather ironic really, because we were discussing smartphones in CF. Fishcake and Edward said they didn't have smartphones. Teacher said "You know, if you pray for one, who knows? You might get it. God works in miraculous ways." And not one hour later, there I was offering to give my phone to one of them. (LOL, it's God's plan, Mum. Have faith).

    DH was saying goodbye to me, I noticed he was standing, but I was staring at someone who reminded me of someone I know. So I didn't realized he was saying bye until Dapple said "Maine!" I blinked, looked at her and said "Uhhh?" Then everyone was saying "So blur! Gosh, Maine." *facepalm* So embarrassing.

    Pn Wong sent me home after CF. It was hilarious, when she was so concerned about how me and Dapple were gonna get home, but was so nonchalant about how the guys would have to get back.

Edward/Daniel: Teacher, what about us?
Pn Wong: Ahh, you just walk back lah. I'm not worried about you.
The guys (In unison): What?! Ouch...
Dapple and I spluttering with laughter.

(They walked to the mamak, we took a ride in teacher's car but they reached faster than we did)

It was a pretty fun day. Just wished someone was there with us. (You know who you are)

Saturday (9 August 2014):
    The day where I could stay home and finally rest without having any obligations to attend to. *Sigh* Blissful. I slept till 1.30 pm. Somehow ended up from my couch, to outside my house to my bed throughout the night. I wasn't sleep walking, just walking everywhere half-asleep while conscious.

    I spent about an hour outside my house, waiting mournfully for the courier (who hasn't arrived -.-) and playing with the cats. Some of the guys I always see around my neighborhood waved at me and yelled hi. I don't know why they like having more than one person on their bikes (o__o) Looks risky.

    Went shopping for sandals to wear, while I took a break and give my poor boots a rest. I want to buy spiked boots, so I can alternate from studs to spikes :3

Sunday (10 August 2014):
    I went to church, but didn't tell anyone I'd be going (Meg was supposed to come, but she couldn't, last minute) so I ended up sitting with Andrew R. I was relieved to see him there. We left service early to eat an early lunch (chicken rice), because we were both really hungry.

    I think it's a blessing that he's one of the few people I can really talk to, about things I usually wouldn't discuss with people. We rambled on about latest movies this year, to the birds flying around, to missionary work, to church and finally got tired, so we went back to church.

    Spotted Sam, Fabian, Jezreel and the other guys, and joined them. Was having a really intense conversation with someone asking my opinion about something (vagueness..) and had my nose stuck to my phone the whole time. (I wasn't the only one doing it, so phew) Sam and someone else (forgot who) asked me what happened to my boots. I told him "Don't mention it, or I'll cry."

    I went for lunch with the guys, Cheryl and Joy. Didn't eat because I was too full and did some ICT revision. Cheryl was writing a funny note on Sam's new phone (Xperia Z) about his love for anime. I looked over her shoulder, grinned and told her to write about him rising up on his unicorn, holding up a sword and challenging those who hate anime.

     We giggled and chuckled a lot. Sam asked us what we were up to, we said "You'll see." He looked extremely suspicious. He finally got his phone back, read it and commented "This is so true." If I was drinking Chinese tea then, it would have exploded from my mouth. (okay, gross) I was laughing so hard.

    Some geniuses were playing with fire again. I sighed and shook my head, then asked Josh Tan "What's wrong with them?" He said they're like lost puppies, seeking for attention. I don't know if that's true, but it could be possible.

     Sam asked me why I'm always so secretive about my phone. My answer is: Screenshots, embarrassing photos (most of them not mine), private messages and my personal unwillingness to let people know me better through reading all that. There's only one person I trust completely who has complete access to my phone :) Because I tell him/her everything. (It's not anyone you'd suspect at first. And no, it's not myself, LOL.)

    Left afterwards to pick Dapple up and head for Aeon. We met MS there, and we got really excited when we saw each other (even though we see each other every weekday)
We bought Starbucks :) 
One mocha frappuccino and two iced chocolates.
I wanted to say "Maine" but Dapple told me to say "Banana". I told the barista "Dapple" but she heard "Apple" When we asked MS to pick a name (she refused to be called a tree), she hesitated. The barista said "And you? Kiwi?" and we started laughing. MS said "I like Cheese.." I said "Okay, Cheese it is!" The barista found us pretty funny, judging from the amused looks on their face. 

We tried the weight/height machine. MS and I had almost exactly the same results for our weight and height. Only difference was I was 3 cm taller. The machine is so inaccurate, we've measured our height and weight in school before. It's off the mark. MS and I teased Dapple about her height (she's shorter than us) and made fun of ourselves by saying we're almost identical.

I look weird. I blame the sugar high I got from drinking that iced chocolate. 

Me and Daps 
(Sorry, couldn't resist posting this one)

MS and me :)

MS, me, Dapple :)
(Cheese and I always smile with our mouths closed, while Daps and A are the opposite)

Promoting Starbucks. 

Our clumsy team hair ties! (A's hand isn't there though :l) 

We were supposed to study, but the mall was so crowded and noisy. We ended up watching Step Up 4. It was nice, but not something I'd usually watch. Still had an amazing time. Shouldn't have named ourselves the clumsy gang, cause I broke a bottle in Hinode (paid for it and took it home too) and MS dropped a (thankfully) unbreakable thing.  

Chocolate lava cake and mocha frappuccino (with oreo toppings) from last week :)

Monday (11 August 2014)

     I was really tired today. Couldn't hardly get out of bed, but I managed to, somehow. Dapple didn't come to school, so there wasn't anyone to annoy cheer me up. A and I got a little drunk during ICT class, and giggled a lot for no reason. Nabilah invited me to her house this Wednesday (although I'm not sure what we're supposed to do) and Azlina, Jihah, Laily would be going too. 

    I did A's English question paper for her and talked to Mei King during recess after fist-bumping the guys. A and I were having a conversation about something when the guys sneaked up on us. Aqil came up to us (me, A, Fishcake, Lemon,...) and I almost got a heart attack (not really, but still) at how tall he appeared to be. I'd always assumed he isn't that tall, but he is -__- All of them are really tall. (Me no likes that..at all) I slowly inched away from Aqil and Fishcake (who were being really excited about something) and sat down, started on that paper. 

    I don't remember much about what happened after recess. Jihah sat next to me for a while, and we talked a lot about our old classmates and phones. Faeez overheard our conversation and kept "Ahh, ohhh, emmm" -ing behind us. We finally turned around and talked to him about Instagram and spectacles. He's stalking someone on Instagram :P

Tuesday (12 August 2014)
    Had a blistering headache last night. Took some medicine and got knocked out. My phone finally arrived today. (I've been waiting for a week) 

Motorola Moto G! 

The back cover is black. But it comes with a blue cover too.

Charger and earphones.
Xperia Sola and Moto G.
The screen protector is messed up, but I don't mind. I'm getting a new one, this is only for temporary use. 

   I've been wondering about something for a while. Is it better to reject someone straight out or lead them on? Either way, that person is bound to get hurt in the end. Which method is less painful? Someone told me I'm heartless about the way I reject people. Because I don't make excuses or give reasons, I just say "No, I'm not interested." Is that a bad thing? Honestly, I get really fed up with guys sometimes. (Even though you are great friends to have)

I'm working on transferring things to my phone now, so till next time!


  1. Pffft Banana, why that pic? Arggh, me had fun too. Aww, I felt bored too today. See ya tmr girl. Next time we choose animal names. (Pegasus,,unicorn, bunny)

    1. Hey hey, it was supposed to be my wechat pic XD Ikr, it's not as fun without all of us around at the same time. Waiting for FRIDAY! :D We shall. And hey, no bunny -.-

  2. Love your new phone! It's so kind that you wanted to give your old one to your friends! :)


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