Thursday, August 7, 2014

You Make Me Craycray

I accepted reality. The way it is. 

Hey there! :)

I've been pretty quiet and serious lately (except when I'm with my clumsy friends). I suppose it's because of the upcoming exams and the weather (I blame the weather for everything).

   I woke up around 10 am, got ready for church then fell asleep again (like the genius I am). Woke up again and reached church at 1 pm, then joined Esther, Joy, Fabian, Darren, Sam for lunch. Talked about the bowling trip and Fabian's weird relationship with his Bluetooth speakers. I laughed and listened, but mostly kept quiet because my brain was still snoozing. Sam used the speakers to talk to someone on the phone, and he looked hilariously weird because the speakers were long.

   Esther, Joy and I went to the shops. When we came back. Indy, Josh, Aaron and Keith were sitting there. Josh/ Sam wanted to see my Physics reference book. They started passing it around, refusing to return it to me. Someone (Suspicious look at Sam) said something about burning it. That was when Keith tried to burn my book.

   I lost my temper and grabbed a spoon. Someone said "Why are you picking up that spoon?" I was wondering the same thing myself *facepalm*. So I put it down and picked up my cup of melted ice and ice. I heard him say "Oh..shee---" and he quickly turned away before I threw it on him. He looked so shocked and flabbergasted.

   [It kinda reminded me of that time in Form 2, when the guys thought I'd be easy to pick on, but got their butts whooped :)]  He looked at me and asked "Why'd you do that for?!" I said "You tried to burn my book. So.." *shrugs* Aaron said "Join the club, man." (I poured tea on him two years ago) and they high fived.

   I felt slightly guilty but still kinda proud of myself, until Keith threw an ice cube at me -.- Sam offered me a cup full of tea. I heard "Wooahh! NOOO! Woah!" from everyone, when I reached for it. (I think Sam was saying "Do it! Do it!"). I grabbed the cup, and Keith tried to pry it off my hand but he couldn't. (Some people were trying to pull me away)

   Esther and Joy finally pulled me away, told me to calm down and dragged me off to church. Joy said later that he got burned. I said "I thought he got iced." "Well, same thing!" HAHA. We walked to McDs. (Apparently my mum was joking when she told me to walk there) and met up with Dapple after buying drinks and sundaes.

   After the introductions, we started on our schoolwork. (Joy did Add Maths, Esther did Accounts and Dapple and I did Physics) But didn't get very far because Daps and I couldn't explain how we knew the answers and got very confused.

   Somehow the topic of "Pegasus vs Unicorns" came up, and Joy (or was it me?) said "Team Pegasus! YEAH!" and I high fived Joy. Then Esther and Dapple said "Unicorn!" and high fived. Darren, Shawn and Audrey were in McDs during their tuition break, eating ice cream. Darren wanted my pizza Pringles, so I told him "Go ahead and finish it. I don't want it anymore." And he finished it for me, haha.

   Esther left early, so we said goodbye to her. Joy, Dapple and I started sharing funny and interesting school and church stories :) It was fun.

Monday/ Tuesday/Wednesday:
(I don't remember which events happened on which day so...)
   Aqil wrote a really funny romantic/cheesy story about some people we know and showed it to me. I still laugh and get goosebumps every time I think about the part which says "her face was as red as an apple" It was SO INTENSE. DH wrote one too, pretty good. (You guys too damn smart, LOL)

   Jihah and I went goofy/cheesy in the Chemistry lab and kept saying "I miss you" and sharing stories with Laily and Nab, while leaning against each other's arms and laughing. I could see the teacher was kinda annoyed with us. Oops. *hides face in shame*

    Daniel, Fishcake, Rohil, Khairul, Jagdesh and Reuben (and I don't know who else, there's too many of you) came up to us (A, Dapple, me, MS) during recess when we were doing our ICT exercise and teased us about it. "Doing homework last minute ahhh?" (On Tues/Wed)

    Was talking to Way Jie and making faces at Yee while waiting to go home and holding a book in my lap. Daniel and Edward came by and said hi. Edward was swinging a basket so I stared at him and asked Daniel "Why's he carrying a basket?" (Said person was talking to Way Jie) He said "Oh, for the Gulp and Gasp play." I nodded and said "Ohhh.." Then we started talking about other things, till my dad came. I waved and said bye. Way Jie yelled "Oii! LANCI!" So I stuck my tongue out at him.

    Raymond saw me at my waiting spot, with my nose stuck in my book and said hi to me, smiled and waved. I looked up, smiled and waved back. Then started reading again. He came up to me the next day and said "Wow, you're always reading." I shrugged, grinned sheepishly and said "Bookworm." '

   Someone said to me, "Hey, you're the crazy ninja right?" I replied "Ehh, what? I'm clumsy. CLUMSY."

     Something weird is going on. I used to be the lazy, " Homework? Whateverlah" in my group of friends and my friends would be telling me "Just do it!" and warning me. And now the roles are reversed (o__o) I don't like this. HAHA.

    We were having our Add Maths class in the Maths room. Sat with MS, A and Dapple as usual. (Dapple calls us the three Ms, because: Man Shuen, Mee En, Maine) After doing our work, we scribbled "Clumsy ninja (Maine), Clumsy barney (A), Clumsy tree (MS) and Clumsy unicorn (Daps)" A suddenly grinned and wrote "Clumsy princess", Daps said "Ehh nooo noo! Don't!" And we started laughing at her horrified expression.

    Was trying to do our BM work (copying Rumusan from Iman), when Edward, Khairul, Daniel, Jagdesh, Fishcake and Raymond (and goodness knows who else) walked up to us. Everyone fistbumped each other and some of them sat down. Some of them disappeared.

    Daps and A started talking and forgot about doing the BM work. I talked for a while, then started listening to the three-way conversation going on while finishing the rumusan. Daniel trolled us -__- So embarrassing. A and I kept looking at Khairul, cause his face is just..WOW. (Just kidding, but seriously).

   A looked at me, I looked back at her. She had that secret smile on her face. I suddenly realized what she was thinking. She said, grinning "Maine..You.." I said "Shut up! Ssshhh!" And she burst out laughing. Daniel looked so confused. HAHA. She's laughing at my expression, because it reminded her of something I did. She did the same in ICT lab too, laughed till she cried. (so mean, sniff)

    Fishcake said "Well, at least she hasn't..." Dapple interrupted him and said "I love your eyelashes!" I laughed at his just-when-I-thought-it-wouldn't-happen-but-it-did expression and we sighed and shook our heads.

    Dapple tried writing "Unicorn" on Fishcake's arm but he said "Nooo, I'm not that..uhh..that.." I looked amused and said "Crazy about unicorns like she is?" while pointing my pen at Daps. She said "Heyyy, shut up!" (in a very polite manner, I assure you) I grinned and started writing again.

    Jadgesh found out I like Linkin Park, so he kept chatting to me about the lyrics, writing them down and what-not. I nodded and listened absentmindedly, then told him "Gonna finish this first, ttyl." But he kept talking. HAHA. Oh gosh.

    Went for tuition today, and was really quiet and focused on studying *smacks self* I didn't get drunk AT ALL. Surprisingly. Yay, I'm serious again.

    AA wants to buy Converse sneakers for me. Yayyy :3 Have to repair the soles of my boots, so I need other shoes to use for a while. *Sigh* I'm gonna miss my boots. They're sort of my trademark now.

    Having an ICT lecture on how to answer exam questions with the other Form 5 ICT class. We're having recess earlier and teachers got us food. CF tomorrow too. *woots* I'm looking forward to it.

    I'm still waiting for that dratted phone to arrive. (Getting a Moto G) It's already with the courier, but they're taking DAYS to arrive to my house. Grrrr. I'm looking for phone casings already. I really want a customized one, preferably with a galaxy theme.

I like no. 109 and 206 and 183 best! :) 
Still deciding though. 
It's possible to add words to it too. 
belleliciouss is a Malaysian based online shop on Carousell and Instagram, selling customized phone casings. And it's not just for iPhones and Samsung phones, phew. 

We clumsy people (3Ms and Daps) plans to hang out, watch a movie and study this Sunday :D Pretty excited. To hang out, not so overjoyed at the thought of studying, even though I'm the one who suggested it. I would prefer studying at McDs in my neighborhood (it's so peaceful and quiet there) but they want to watch a movie, so...Aeon it is.

Off to eat dinner now! :)

Till next time.


  1. Heyyy yesh yesh, I asked him to shut up in a very polite way. Hahahahaha me looking forward about it too!

    1. Me knows righttt (.___.) So excited! *woots*

  2. Those are really pretty phone cases. Galaxy/Milky Way themes are great for a phone case :D

  3. Ikr :D Galaxy themes are my fav kind ♥


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