Monday, October 13, 2014

Graduation Day

"The sound of laughter and the memories of hugging and quipping jokes with friends were forever etched in my memory. I knew that as long as I lived, I would never forget that one beautiful day with a dozen perfect moments which were reminiscent of the past five years' worth of friendships and recollection. The smiles and familiar faces of friends flashed through my mind as I looked at the photographs. I smiled wistfully and thought "Well, those were the days." as I placed the photographs carefully back into the photo album."

Hey there! :)

So my phone casings finally arrived yesterday.
I didn't like the sides so much and there was a misprint, so I re-painted and glazed them.

But I have a feeling I won't be using it often just yet. 

I want to apologize beforehand to anyone, if I suddenly stare off into space and burst into tears. It's either because I'm thinking about leaving school next year or because I can't get my hands on The Blood Of Olympus until next month. #dramaqueen

Graduation Day :D
(Photo credits to Yi Wen, Kyle, Them ALC College Guys, Najihah)

It was a bittersweet day. I made plans with Dapple and A to enter the school together in the morning (so that we won't have to suffer having our schoolmates stare at us alone) and we met Khai when we were walking to the canteen. He went "Woaahh, you guys!" and we said "Don't stare, oh gosh!"

Most of the program was listening to schoolmates' performances, watching people take their certificates, sneaking around silently around the teachers to take selfies with friends, table hopping, eating and trying to have as much fun as we could.

A couple of people said my dress was "striking", several said "Maineee, cantik!" *blushes*, some like Mohana and Vemlan teased me by calling me "cute" (I feel like a bundle of fluff when people do that) and others just stared at me in the why-is-she-wearing-freaking-boots way.

The night before, I asked some people if I should wear the pig or diamond earring. 
They thought I should wear both (different earring on different ear) :P
I wanted to, but then my mum thought I was nuts so.. 

I was tired during the bus ride, so I snoozed a bit.

I got bored and braided Dapple's hair :3 
I was sorely tempted to make another braid below the first, but I controlled myself.

(Credits to ALC guys)

Sneaking photos of A and DD.

Me and DD.

Sin Yee and me.

(...That's DD's hand -.-)

SY, me, A, DD.

Fad, me, DD.

Me, Fad, Farra Aida.

Jihah and me.

Jihah, me, Nab.
(That funny face is Laily XD)

Deskmates for more than half a year :)

Here's my outfit :)
A purple dress with a black belt and combat boots.

Karthik, DD, me.

Me and Barathi.
She sits in front of me during exams :P 

Mohana, Me, Sharmila, Barathi. 

Miza and me.

Azlina and me.

The food we ate :3 
To be honest, I only liked the sweet and sour fish. 

Satriati, me, DD.

DD and me.

Me, DD, A.
This is what we wore :3 

Izzati, DD, me.

Pig, Apple, Pig.

Me, Yi Wen, DD.

Me, Syukri, Karthik (hehe), DD, Megat.

Madu, Me, Syukri, DD, Megat.

Alif, Sejarah teacher, Me, Syukri, DD, Megat

We be cray cray. 

We got back to school when it was almost 2 pm. 
Yi Wen, A, me, MS stayed back for about two hours because Aqil, Sam, Khai, Daniel wanted to talk to us. (Apparently, psshh) Found out that they sang a song and dedicated it to us. So freaking sweet, I could almost cry. *wipes tears from eyes* I got goosebumps watching the video.
You guys are the best. Staying back in school just to do that when you could have slept in the whole morning. Your sacrifice is greatly appreciated :3 
We spent most of the day, taking selfies, trying to photobomb selfies and going drunk. 
I remember laughing so hard, I almost fell down because everyone was trying to photobomb Yi Wen and her reaction was hilarious. "GUYSSS, STOP IT LEH." Everyone else "How"

Bus selfie XD
Me, Dapple, Nab, Jihah

This bag is so pretty :3

A and me :)

I took selfies because everyone else were taking them (without me *sniff sniff*)

DD, YW, Quay, Kyle, MS, A, me.

We crazy peeps.

Full outfit selfie :D 
(Too bad the mirror is so dirty, hmmphh)

Aqmal and me :)

Classmates for 4 years, wow.

Khai looks so cute. 
We look so awkward.
This is so funny.

Kyle, Sam, Aqil, Yi Wen, me.
This is one of the crazy selfies, Kyle (or Aqil) just spammed and took a dozen photos.
We almost fell down because we were laughing a lot and bumping into each other to get our faces in the photo.

This is the photo where I photobombed Yi Wen and Aqil. 
It came out excellently, even if I do look a little insane.
Shim said he's never seen me so drunk before, as when compared to this particular moment.

Me, DD, Yi Wen :D

We were having problems with the Bluetooth shutter -.-
So the camera timing was off.

Aqmal, Me, DD, A.

DD, YW, MS, A, me :)

This is my cookie buddy XD 
He's wearing Kyle's specs, gosh.

Rangers Anniversary (Sunday)
I walked into the church and looked cautiously around. Good, I thought. There's no one I know in sight. I slipped into my seat, put on my earphones and opened up a book to read. Suddenly, someone tapped me on my shoulder and said "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" I looked up, sighed then smiled and said "Erm, it's nice to see you too." before carrying on the conversation. It happened a few more times, and I thought in part annoyance, part amusement. "Am I really that easy to spot?" So much for hiding out in church quietly. 

Sam slipped into the seat next to me, and attempted to figure out my password for my locked apps. I tried not to laugh at his bewildered expression and Jez's suggesting all sorts of weird combinations of numbers. They left to receive some awards. Aijean appeared and asked me to sit with her and Cheryl, so I changed seats. 

After the program ended, I went out and ate cookies, satay and a curry puff. A lot of people asked me where I've been and why I haven't been coming to church. "Well," I said "I've been busy." When it was time to leave, I said goodbye and left without looking back.

(That was rather abrupt, haha)

This year's anniversary was pretty awesome. Quite hilarious. I'm glad I attended it even though I was extremely skeptical about going. 

What I wore.

My expression, pfft.

Screenshots of funny conversations. 

Aqil screenshot his conversation with DD.
He was bragging about stealing me from her. HAHA. 
This is the weird kind of friendship we have.

My status, his status, her status.
I crowned him my cookie buddy, but my pig and apple are still number 1 :P 
I'm sorry you had to see my weird statuses. 
I'm ashamed of myself.
Not really tho.
Just kidding.

  1. Yi Wen's screenshot. Aqil and I swapped photos and confused her :3 
  2. We started sending her the same creepy stuff at the same time. (Our timing was awesome) 
  3. Aqil's screenshot with Yi Wen (wechat).

  1. Yi Wen doesn't love us anymore. *Heart breaks*
  2. My conversation with her, when I send her a creepy video and blamed Aqil for it :3
  3. I wish Mee En had Whatsapp so we could torture her too. 

Saying "I love you" in a special way XD
This was so hysterically funny, I was laughing throughout the whole conversation.
If you know this guy, you probably know that he's always this weird :P

I'm usually quiet and serious in school, so people who aren't used to me, get a shock when I suddenly go insane :3 I mean, I told you I'm insane. HAHA. You just didn't believe me. *sniffs*

I was chatting with Khai about wishing that guys would consider me as just a friend and nothing more. He said I'm like a sister to him, and I was like "SIS-ZONE. So sweet, thanks :3" *wipes tears from eyes* I don't want a boyfriend because 1. I'm lazy to layan one. 2. I kinda flirt with guys a lot without meaning to. 3. I don't want to give up the freedom of being single. 4. I'm not ready to have one just yet. 

I did want one at a certain point in my life, when I was tired of feeling alone and thinking that there isn't anyone for me to rely one. (Weakest moment) I was so tempted to get one (I make it sound like getting a boyfriend, is like shopping for the perfect guy, lmao) and there was a guy asking me to be his girlfriend, but I knew that if we actually got together, I'd want to smack him with a saucepan everyday because he irritates the life out of me (he's still my friend tho).

For a couple of months, I wasn't sure about my feelings for a certain guy because I was so confused and messed up, I couldn't think straight. Two months ago, it was like a revelation hitting me with blinding clarity, that it's not what I really want and I like my life just the way it is. I feel so bad because if there's anything I hate more than cheese, it's rejecting someone, especially when I actually like that person as a friend. But it's better than stringing him along, and pretending I actually care about him more than just a friend. (Which I'm kinda guilty of doing. Sheet. Evil. Wicked. Cruel.)

But anyway, to you fellows and ladies out there thinking that having a significant other is the most important thing in the world......It isn't. Well, it is important but it's not the most important thing in the world. Remember to appreciate other people, like your family, friends and those people you don't know very well but who brightens up your day with a friendly smile or a hello. Treasure those little moments when you went insane with your friends, the laughter, the tears and those shared secrets which brings you closer to those who matter. Don't ever forget the people who touched your life. 

Maybe you feel like you don't always fit in, like you're standing on the outside and no one's letting you in. Maybe you feel like your presence in someone's life isn't making any difference when you're not there. But that's okay. There's always going to be a place where you don't belong. There's always going to be a time when you're not needed. All you can do is find happiness in other things. Whether you're alone or surrounded by friends, it doesn't matter. Just be happy. Just be yourself. That's what's important. You don't need other people to make you happy. All you having faith in yourself and who you are. Just "Shake It Off" XD

Anyways, till next time :)


  1. Hey im not weird! Im just UNIQUE XD

  2. The last two paragraphs ;n;
    And you guys looked gorgeous on your graduation *-*
    (especially the boots lol)
    And it's okay if people just looked at your for wearing them. I had to face the same thing (because I love my new boots and I refused to take them off) and people are like, why are you wearing THOSE on that DRESS and I'm like "LOOK AT MY SHOES ARENT THEY PRETTY OMGLOL JUST LOOK" and that shuts everyone up xD

    1. I'm glad you likes it XD
      Aww thank you!
      Oh my gosh, I know what you mean! I WILL LOVE BOOTS FOR LIFE :3

  3. Maine ! show your teeth dude ! hahahaha...... just smile :D xD

    1. I did show my teeth in maybe ONE photo :D (Eeeeee) Your teeth so nice XD

  4. Haha the conversation between your friends are so funny! XD
    You all look beautiful... I love your dress, oh yes.. and the diamond earrings! :D

    1. Yeah they're weird hilarious people XD
      Aww thank you! <3

  5. THE ENDING. AHHAHAH Its all "Awww, so touching" then SHAKE IT OFF. HAHAHA hair so funny.

    :O Is Khai mix-raced? HAHAHHA I can't figure whether he's Chinese or Malay. Or both. :P

    Wow you graduation had a meal T_T We didn't. We just sat through everything hohoho. Nice outfit btw!

    1. LOL I didn't realize *snorts with laughter*
      He's Malay, I don't think he has Chinese blood ._. I forgot HAHA
      No haz? WHAT? aww :l
      thanks :3

  6. THE ENDING. AHHAHAH Its all "Awww, so touching" then SHAKE IT OFF. HAHAHA hair so funny.

    :O Is Khai mix-raced? HAHAHHA I can't figure whether he's Chinese or Malay. Or both. :P

    Wow you graduation had a meal T_T We didn't. We just sat through everything hohoho. Nice outfit btw!


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