Tuesday, November 4, 2014

One Month Away

I love you guys. Even if you annoy me and try to set me on fire, I will always love you. 
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NO TURNING BACK. (literally)
The 'V' necklace was given to me by A :) I wear it everyday.
DD has one shaped like a circle and A's one is shaped like an "l" 
Hey there!

So SPM 2014 has officially begun and the past papers have actually been quite bearable. I don't know why I'm blogging this, but this will probably be my last post till December. I'll have my nose stuck in revision books after I finish writing this. (Most likely, I'll be distracted by something and forget about studying, but that's besides the point)

Last Friday: Say Goodbye:
   My school had a majlis restu ilmu. It's a ceremony for the students to thank the teachers for teaching them for the past five years and asking for their blessing in SPM. I sat with DD, A, and SY. We reminisced and talked about the past five years in our school. How we've always complained about being too lazy to study and now, wishing we've spent more time in school. That first day we met each other and realized when we were destined to become best friends (cheese) for life. It was one of the most emotional days I've ever experienced.

    So many people were crying their eyes out and hugging each other. I went around, hugging everyone I know, even those who were my classmates from Form 1 and tried really hard not to cry. I spent a portion of my time, patting one of my friends on her back and trying to cheer her up when she cried. I thought that leaving school wouldn't make such a difference to me, but I was wrong. It was so hard to say goodbye to everyone. Especially those friends whom I know I'll never see again. You know, the kind of friends who impacted your life in a certain way, but whom you aren't close enough to hang out with? Sort of the last chapter in one particular book of a series, they're the characters who won't be written about in the next book.

    I think the most memorable part was when the ceremony finally ended and I hung out with DD, A, YW, Aqil, Shim, Daniel, Edward, Fishcake, Jason, Raymond, Puah, Kyle, Khai and the rest of them. (Seriously, there's too many of you). Raymond's beanie got stolen by Kyle, and when Kyle wore it, he looked so funny, everyone's sides ached from laughing at him. Fishcake and Raymond were the only ones who looked normal when they wore the beanie. Everyone started sharing weird jokes and the guys (Kyle? Puah? I forgot who) tried to throw water at YW but it hit A and me too. Someone tried to surprise Aqil (was it? Kyle? Or maybe he's the one who tried to scare someone...I don't remember) and he threw the water over his head and the person who tried to surprise the other person just stood there staring at him in shock while everyone roared with laughter and made exclamations.

    We (A, DD, Daniel, Fishcake, Raymond, Khai, Sam, Aqil) hung around the canteen after school ended for a while and did a group hug after we (DD, A, me) went around giving everyone one-on-one hugs. It was one of the funniest group hugs I've ever experienced. Namely because everyone whooped and went "Yarrrr!" for some reason after the group hug ended, there was a moment of silence. Then Daniel (I think) asked Raymond "Dude, why is the basketball included in the group hug?" Everyone looked down at the basketball he was holding and started laughing again.

    I did something that day which I regretted, but it was for a dare. Temptation to shock people was too great to resist. And life is too short to have regrets, so I'm just going to let it go (yay for philosophy?) I've made my peace with what I did, and I hope those who know about it will forgive me for doing what I did. (Don't worry, I didn't set anyone on fire or stab them with pitchforks.) That night in tuition, made me even sadder because that marks the end of my school life. No more tuition classes and school. No more going high and laughing with friends while pretending to study.

Sunday: Study Day: 
   Went with DD to study together in MCD's. And I'm awfully proud of us, because we really did study. Even though we took a lot of photos too. Ran into some schoolmates who talked to us about the upcoming exams. Met Ragavee, who was my friend back in Form 1 and we talked to her for a bit. We took short breaks to check on the group chat (where everyone was urging us to study) and I braided DD's hair to get it off her face.

If you were one of my friends, and really close to me...
The braid attack might happen to you XD

Hair up in buns so that it won't distract us from studying.

"Oh my gosh, we're actually studying!"

Monday: Drop Dead Exhausted:
     After the first exam paper, I went with DD to study for the next one in the canteen. Daniel, Jason and Khai joined us. And Yi Wen came back from MCDs and joined us too. So we spent some time teasing each other and sharing stories. I was laughing so much, I was afraid that all the information about the next paper programmed into my brain would be deleted. But it was nice to see them and to spend some time with them. 

Tuesday: Jam Sessions In The Park:
      English papers were okay. I'm quite sure I won't fail it. Met Fishcake in the canteen and he scared DD again. (Never going to get tired of that) I was pretty tired when I came home. At 3 pm, I met up with Daniel and Sam (Shim) in the field near my house to discuss about some things (namely, next year), have them look over my guitar and have a jam session in the playground. I always feel melancholy in the field, because it brings back so many bittersweet memories of my childhood. Daniel was swinging on the swings and climbing around the playground area like a monkey. I had to laugh at his enthusiasm.

    We had a really brief confession session. And Daniel listened to music on my phone while Sam played the guitar. And we talked about a lot of things. I think they're lucky (but also unlucky) that they have another year left in school and we girls have always wished that we were the same age as them. I forget they're my juniors sometimes.

     Sam said my guitar's really old (yeap, I knew that already) and I have to change the pegs and strings. So after my exam is over, I'm going to go revamp my guitar (or buy a new guitar like my dad suggested). I'm planning to resume learning how to play the guitar till I reach the intermediate level (at least). Yep, so that's one of my after exams plan.

1. To focus on my musical skills (if I have any).
2. Reread the Heroes of Olympus series.
3. Write a short story.
4. Hang out with friends (if they don't leave for NS).
5. Revamp my guitar or buy a new one.
6. Buy a lot of dark clothing .
7. Play archery/badminton/tennis.
8. Clear out closet.
9. Burn school exercise books.
10. Visit Holland for a couple of months. (Not sure yet)
11. Attend a writing course.

And that's it for now :)

P.S. Have you ever almost made a mistake and feel relieved that you didn't make that mistake but also a bit pissed off at yourself for almost making that mistake? Yeah, that's one of the feelings I hate the most.


  1. No offense, you look sad in like 50% of the photos xD I guess leaving school is just really that depressing.. :/ (never felt depressed on leaving school, ever, yet)
    Anyway, so you'd be giving exams in December and then what would you be opting for? Like, does pre-med/pre-eng start or finish?

    1. Everyone's been saying I look sad all the time now so I don't mind XD

      I won't miss studying but I will miss people I probably won't ever see again :l

      I will be taking foundation in English next July :) probably that haha. My family wants me to take a break to travel and get job experience before resuming my studies so yeah, 8 months of freedom starting in December :D

  2. You girls are pretty ! #drool #missyounomatterwhat #fightforspm
    Really feel wan to hang out because our plan always fail :3

    1. You is pretty too! :D almost posted that photo of you with the pink paper on your face but I didn't think you'd like it XD

      #willdefinitelymissyouthree #spmbattlehasbegun

      YES. When you're free, I'm busy. When you're busy, I'm free. When we're free, DD's busy LOL

      Better hang out after SPM, I wanna go shopping for guitar *_*

  3. Amazng hair style <3
    loved it
    Thanks for following my blog
    i am also your follower now

    Keep in touch

    1. Thank you! :)

      I hope to read more posts from you :)
      Thanks for following <3

  4. nice post dear thanks for following me following back stay in touch <3 http://shizasblog.blogspot.com/

    1. Thank you! :) You're welcomed <3 and thanks for following!

  5. Nice post!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I don't see you following me, but I follow you now! ;)

    1. You're welcomed! :)

      And oh, I'm sorry, your blog didn't have a follow button so I used the "Add to reading list" button on my dashboard and it apparently didn't work :l Followed you back! (Or at least I tried to follow you again XD)

  6. Haha you and your friend's are so awesome and beautiful! <3
    Oh.. saying goodbye is always difficult.
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

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  8. How is it funny when someone is creepily standing behind you so close and staring? -_-

    1. Someone with a really cute face and nice eyebrows, you mean XD Really funny :3


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