Sunday, December 7, 2014

Are you my best friend?

If you know me really well, you'd know what my answers will be :) 

First name: Maine (With a Char..)

Middle Name: Lyn (With a Wern)

Last name: Teo

Nicknames: Maine, Banana, Wern Lyn, Clumsy ninja, Pandacoon, Mainelyn, Mainey (Pfft), Cookie Buddy, Sista.... 

Favorite Color: Black, turquoise, purple :)

Hot Brothers? 
-Nope, just cute. Pfft, Just kidding. Everyone says my little bro is cute but older bro is hot. (Don't be perasan, Ry)

Do you like spicy food? 
-Yes, I do. But I do not like chili sauce.

Earliest you'll answer phone calls/texts:
- Like...ermmm...immediately?

Latest you'll answer phone calls/texts:
- Ermm....About four hours later? (Teehee)

On a scale of 1-10, how weird are you?:
- I am so weird, I am off the scaleeeeee. Just kidding. But really, I don't know.

Winter or Summer? 
- Can I say Autumn? :3 Yeah..I like all seasons equally.

Vanilla or Chocolate? 

Dogs or Cats? 
- I think dogs are adorable but I am a cat ladddyyyy. I love them cats with their fluffy faces. 

Beaches or Pools? 
- Beaches! :D (Cause there's sand and waves and ... well, more interesting stuff)

Heels or Sneakers? 
- Combat boots. Pfft. Erm, I guess sneakers. After boots. 

Bookies or Movies? 
- BOOKS. For always. Forever. I like watching movies but then...well, books first.

Mac or Windows? 
- Windows. I do not get Mac interface at all. Like, what is this? Where am I? What am I doing? Even though it looks cool too.

Comedy or Horror? 
- Comedy. I rather laugh my butt off then hide under the blankets, scared to death. Horror, if I had someone to cuddle with though :P (Any volunteers? HAHA)

Beauty or Brains? 
- Personality. Because I don't care if someone is ugly or dumb..if they have a nice personality. And ermm, beauty and brains are on equal footing for me.

Flying or Diving? 
- Flying...On mah pegasus.

Coffee or Orange Juice? 
- Orange juice. I'm a juice person. I like apple, orange, strawberry and lemon juice.

Breakfast or Dinner? 
- Breakfast. Because them eggs, bread and butter, pancakes, bacon and all them yummy stuff make me drool. Like yeahhh.

Games or Rides? 
- Ridessss. I am too lazy to play games. Erm. Well, not really. I just don't like playing the icebreaker types? But video games, yesh. I love rides though. 

Mornings or Nights?
- Nights. Because that is mah snooze time with mah bed and with nobody disturbing meh.

Pinterest or Twitter? 
- I don't use either. *hangs head in shame* I'm using both now, but I prefer Pinterest! :D

Youtube or Instagram? 
- Youtube! Because I love watching weird people like ilikeweylie and and...nigahiga and all them weird people on Youtube! :D Instagram pictures are prettay but I don't enjoy looking through them as much as watching Youtube videos.

Coke or Pepsi? 
- Coke. But erm..actually I hardly ever drink soft drinks. I'm a Chinese tea slash juice slash healthy drinks (pfft..kidding) lady.

Middle or Crust? 
- Middle! :D

Do you drive? 
- Yeah, like I'm in Fast and Furious. Just kidding.

Do you smoke/do drugs? 
-Nope, I have a breathing problem (slight) and I get high on non-illegal substances :P

Any criminal history? 
- Nope...I'm clean.

Do you like chocolate?
- YES. WHO DOESN'T? (Erm, if you don't, give me your chocolate cause you don't wanna eats it, thank you very much!)

I've forgotten about this post for so long, I don't even remember if someone tagged me to do this or if I decided to do it on my own -__- 

Short Update:
This is just a filler post. I have a longer post lined up but I have to edit photos and clean my room because Aijean and Esther are coming over on Tuesday.

Also really tired and in a bad mood today, because recently, for the first time in my life, I experienced a phone call argument. HAHA. I've always read stories about breakup phone calls, where the guy and girl just yells at each other and says "I hate you!" but I never thought it would happen to me.

I'm too tired to rant about it. I rather just forget it ever happened. Some friends, you'd always love but they won't ever accept you for who you really are. If you can't forgive me for what I said, it's okay. Everyone walks away eventually.

Was looking for Christmas presents but I couldn't find any for anyone. Wish I could go to Kaison again. Maybe I'll go there again when I can. I saw a small shop in SCM selling candles. Thought of getting one for Joy, but RM 19 for one small candle was just...not worth it. I really want to go to Ikea. They have amazing stuff around Christmas time.


  1. You're on twitter o.o and instagram! Add me!
    Also, the bit about "Flying... on mah pegasus" made me crack up xD
    Hope you're okay about the phone argument and get to do more christmas shopping (:

    1. Sure thing! :D
      I'm glad it made you laugh XD
      We're chill now haha, and omg yes Christmas shopping! AHH. Excited about candy canes and gingerbread :3

  2. Hope everything is fine now :)
    If anyone asked me how weird I would have probably said the same thing.
    Mine is the same case with phone calls. If anyone calls I either lift the call immediately or pick it up after hours, mostly because I just leave my phone in my room and go about doing other things xD

    1. It is :)
      Yay, high five! It is the truth hahaha.
      YES PRECISELY. (People find it annoying but I can't help it cause my pants don't have pockets for my phone, LOL)


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