Thursday, December 18, 2014

Going Down In Flames

Hey there! :)

Matching bracelets! :D #PigPigApple 

Last Thursday: PigPigApple hangout

We went to SCM (Setia City Mall) after taking our school certificates. 
(Yay, shopping!)

We tried to photobomb A and Mithran. 

In the canteeeeeeeen.

DD's new haircut :) 
We all have bangs now, yay. 

Walking out of the school gates.

Being excited in the car :3

Random shot of our shoes. #lotsoffilters #photoediting

In Starbucks :)

Taking photos of people taking photos :)

Going crazy.

Meeeeeeeee Ennnnnnnn.

I honestly don't know why the photo is so blue.

Yayyyy <3 p="">
DD, A, me.

Ran into school friends :) 
This is Intan, my classmate for two years when I was 14/15.

Looking through photos :3

The photos speak for themselves :3

Random, but I like the washroom :)

We like different types of shoes. Teehee.


Miley Cyrusssssss. #tongue.

We look weird here. 
I like it.

The weather was nice.

Schoolmates :)
Wasn't sure to ask them to take a photo with us, but we did!

Starbucks :)

In H&M.

Looking at accessories.

FOS :)

Christmas decor.

A lot of people were playing with bubbles. It was so niceeee. 

Note the hair ties :)

Fishtail bracelets and heart shaped bracelet :)

Peace, Love, Arrow. 

I love the nail polish colors, but too pricey for me. And I'm lazy to put on nail polish these days.
Biore Makeup Remover, cotton puffs, floral crown, feather necklace, treatment wax for hair.

Pink hair dye (from random hair shop), Revlon Colorsilk Luminista in Red, Revlon Colorsilk in Deep Burgundy.

Burgundy (purple-ish?) dress from H&M. (Mee En recommended this over the black one and it really does look nice.) This is going to be my Christmas dress :D

It was a hilarious and exciting day. Mostly because we got to spend time together and due to the shopping craze. 

Went to Aeon with Aijean and Esther!


We ate lunch and talked about what we plan to do next year. Bought Chatime and Starbucks drinks. Went back to my house and hung out for a while. Aijean had to go for a dentist's appointment. Esther and I got bored and decided to go back to Aeon and watch Mockingjay: Part 1. We bought hot chocolate from Starbucks and some chips and snuck it in the cinema. The movie was nice, but I felt like it ended really fast. Saw Cheryl at the Famous Amos shop before we went back. 

Sunday: Haircut
RIP long hair.

I think the stylist snipped off 3-4 inches. 

Tuesday: Bleaching Hair

Done by Aijean and Esther :)

Friday: Dyeing Hair at A's house.

So we'd remember it :D
I find it funny A wrote my nickname instead of my full name. But yay for nicknames? Hehe.

DD's one is on the left :)
Mine is on the right.
But the box colors were similar. 

Mixing the dye.

It's uneven but I don't mind. 
The left side is messy though, I'm going to add some red streaks throughout my hair.

In the process.

DD's red dip dye :)

A's bottom hair.

It's actually a brighter red, not so brownish.

Wednesday: Orange And Banana
Went to Aeon to have lunch with Esther (also to pass her some studs for DIY purposes because I am planning to get star and triangle shaped ones, so I have loads of studs which I don't intend to use) We hung out, went shopping and talked a lot about random things. 

I saw many familiar faces from school, Qistina, Sasitharan (he just smirked at me while walking past....hmmpph), a Malay guy whose name I could never remember and the whole mall was crowded. 

It was a good day though.

Note: Review blog is set up but I can't figure out how to align the Pages tabs because it's custom made :l 


  1. You gonna have to tinker with the html.. custom mades can be a pain sometimes 😅

    1. I tried several different codes but none of them worked :'( Cause the pages tabs isn't the default one @.@

  2. Wow, the dye looks really nice! Red is my favorite color heh heh xD
    So how long do you think the dye will stay that bright in your hair?

    1. Thanks! :D Teehee.
      Ermm, it's still pretty bright after three washes, so I guess it'd last for a while :3

  3. #missthatmomentsoooomuchhh
    looking forward to the next hang out :D

    1. #samehereomgsolongnoseedamnsad

      Me too! :D

  4. The dye looks great! :D

    -Kathie K


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