Monday, December 1, 2014

The Grateful Blogger Tag & One Lovely Blog Award

(I was too lazy to make a nicer one. So here!)

I was nominated by Catalina Blue to do this tag! :) (Thanks for the nomination, girl! *happy dances*) 

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. List some major things you're grateful for. 
3. Tag ten bloggers.

I think the point of this tag is to list important things in your life which you're grateful for. So here: 
  • My parents. - For believing in me and not expecting me to be exceptional in everything as long as I'm happy with who I am :) Also for encouraging my interests, and indulging me with food I like (chocolate). 
  • My brothers. - For teasing me and just for being a part of my life. It's not every brother who will cook for his sister and let her paint his nails and draw weird things on his eyebrows. 
  • My extended family. - Even though you expect me to get incredible results in Add Maths. (It's incredibly shocking all right, the results I mean)
  • Friends. - From church, and school and blogger. Those who are close to me, and those who aren't. For being you. For being there for me when I need you. For doing crazy things with me. For the crazy selfies and days when I can't stop laughing and smiling because of you. For those shopping sprees where you have to drag me away when I take hours deciding what to buy. 
  • My health and happiness. 
  • Loving myself for who I am. - Despite those rare moments of self-loathing and loneliness, I'm glad to be me. 
  • Rick Riordan, and every other author I love.- For making those magical books which changed my perception and life forever. 
  • Artists who produce amazing music. 
I tag everyone who has something to be grateful for :)

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(Image belongs to Catalina Blue)

I was nominated by Catalina Blue for this award! :) Thank you for nominating me!
(Check out her blog and get free cookies! ...Not really, but you do get a awesome reading experience)

Seven Facts About Me:
  1. I have recently gotten addicted to watching anime shows again. (Yakitate Japan! The bread looks just delicious. And sometimes they show how to bake a certain type of bread. I drool when I watch it. And it's freaking hilarious too.) Sam is trying to introduce me to the romantic comedy genre too. 

2. I'm going to streak my hair pink/blue/red/green (still deciding) soon, and I'm really excited about it! :D 

3. I'm pretty pumped up about the hangouts/sleepovers/shopping trips that are coming up soon. Oh, and Christmas too! Really miss my friends. 

4. I can't afford to give everyone presents this year, so I'm just going to give hugs, sweets and chocolate to those who ask for it :) #cheapskate? #nolah #impokai #broke

5. I'm shopping for new clothes. And I'm going to give away or sell most of my clothes because I never/hardly ever use them since my clothing style has evolved recently. 

6. I'm lazy to chat with people these days. (I even hide my online status on Whatsapp, so people can't see when I'm ignoring them.. haha, sorry.) I'm starting to enjoy phone calls, but given the fact, I had a phone call that lasted for almost two hours..that would be really bad for my phone bill. So video chatting it is!

7. I'm planning on starting a workout regime soon, and getting healthier. I'm going to have to get a new bicycle too. 

I nominate whoever wants to do this! :) 

Going to study for ICT now. 

Till next time!


  1. When I don't feel like texting anyone back on whatsapp I change my last seen status too. But for the past month or so I've hidden my last seen xD
    I want to get my hair streaked too!

    1. Oh yay, I'm not the only one :D

      You should definitely try it out! I'm really excited about it, because I love hair streaks <3

  2. ANIME!!! ��, i agree with sam, please watch romance comedy, it will make you tingle from hair to toe, (trust me) avoid anything that have "Ecchi" in the genre ��. And dude 2 hours on the phone, is long~~~~ video chat...������ cant imagine you doing that, and i git a new bike last friday too :3 very happy xD, did something "sweet" with the bike today to someone, hehejeje, and eerr. Sorry for the long comment, i saw yakitate japan and got excited :3

    1. Yes anime! :D I have no idea what ecchi is (.___.) and wow, that made me laugh (tingle from hair to toe) XD Yeah that's why -.- Phone bill, argh. I'm jealous you have a bicycle! *sniffs* I ain't got no bike. Yeah, I heard about the snickers, HAHA. It's okay :P

    2. Ask sam what ecchi is, tho i think hed gonna rofl and lol-ing before he answers xD. Yeap phone when 50 min of talk time is rm8, sucks more when youre using prepaid xD. Yeap bicycle *.* veryy niceee. The snickers xD made me laugh if i remember it

    3. Googled it. Ewww -__- *smack you* You jahat sial. Even post paid is like wth, my dad saw the phone bill, and commented "Thought kids these days use whatsapp." HAHAHA. I hate you :l I don't haz one. DD was afraid to eat it until she confirmed it was you guys who gave it, LOL

    4. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA XDDD i gotta admit even i am rofl and lmaoing cause you googled it ahahaha. Not jahat just giving you a warning before sam aak you to watch anything like that *cough* HighschoolDxD(one of the most ecchi i guess :/)*cough* . But bike hurts my butt tho if riding for so long xD. *facepalm* dd, nobody is that sakai to do that except us for now xD. Well calling is better then internet calls or messaging :3

    5. I hate you -.- my curiosity killed me 😦 you didn't tell me what it meant! And Sam already made me watch one episode. NO MORE. NEVER AGAIN. Pfftt at least you have a bike :l She said she thought it was you guys,but checked to make sure it was 😂 yesh that's true. I like video chat but don't like showinhg my face HAHA

    6. Nooo you love me xP. Curiosity is nice xD. And AAHAHAHAHAHAA (nice going sam) sam, sam, sam xD he is funny.yesh bikes *_*. Whats the point of VIDEO CHATTING then!? XD

    7. I love myself more :3 You guys are evil to me. Sniff, ruining my innocent mind. Gonna steal your bike one day XD this is the Maine logic HAHA I want to see your face but not letting you see mine :P

  3. Hehe, I love anime too. ♥♥ You are definitely not a cheapskate, I'm broke this year :(

    Daisy ○ LittleKawaiiDaisy

    1. Anime *___* it seems like everyone's broke this year :l

  4. I recently got onto whatsapp xD and I don't really have anyone to chat with yet :\
    And yay for anime! xD

    1. Welcome to the world of whatsapp! XD Awww. I know that feels.
      Getting pretty addicted to anime :3 Life is good.


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