Monday, January 5, 2015

50 Oddly Interesting Questions Tag

Hey there! :)

I haven't been posting lately. I've been going out a lot and when I'm at home, I'm just too tired or busy (reading books) to blog. I'm going to be cleaning out my computer and phone. It's just going through files, deleting junk, reorganizing folders and files and everything. I like to do it because having files all over the place is driving me crazy.

Completely random, but does anyone else like Windows 7 more than Windows 8? I find Windows 7 easier to navigate, and I like the interface more. When I get a new laptop, I think I'm going to completely change the interface to resemble Windows 7.

I've gotten Christmas/New Year/January gifts for almost everyone, except A. I can't find anything that I think she would like -__- (A, if you're reading this, tell me what to get you, HAHA)

I was planning to post about recent hangouts, but I haven't edited the photos yet, so...filler post again.

50 Oddly Interesting Questions
1: Do you sleep on a blanket over your mattress with another blanket on top, or with just one blanket on top of you?
è  With a blanket on top. More of a comforter actually. If I had a blanket over my mattress, it probably won’t be there for long because I move about in my sleep a lot.

2: Personally, what do you believe happens when a person dies?
è  I believe that his soul goes to heaven. And he lives with God for eternity.  (Assuming it’s a good person) If he wasn’t one and he didn’t repent of his sins, then he goes to hell and burns in eternal flames. (If you disagree, it’s okay. I accept the fact that not everyone believes in heaven/hell and God. This is just my personal belief.)

3: If faced with the opportunity, would you ever kill a criminal whom you don't know if it meant you could get anything you want in return? (Keep in mind you do not/cannot know what said criminal has done to become a criminal until after you've made your decision)
è No, I don’t think I have it in me to take another person’s life regardless of whatever crime he’s done. It’s not my place to play judge and jury. That’s up to the legal system and God. Even if I gain something in return, I would have to live with the guilt of killing someone for the rest of my life.

4: The funniest nickname you can come up with for ___________ ?
è DD. Unithor (actually credits, goes to A *high 5*)

5: What type of art could you always appreciate but never see yourself actually doing?
è  Painting/Drawing. Every time I try, it usually ends up looking weird. (I do not have that talent) Also, I like embroidery and cross-stitching, but every time I try to do that, I get distracted by something else and leave it half finish, if that counts.

6: You've been given the option to choose how the human race reproduces. How would we reproduce, which sex would bear children, and how would we bear them? (Eggs, litters, etc)
è - You know that legend about storks delivering babies to the doorstep? Yeap, that sounds absolutely delightful. #nopain #justababylandingonmydoorstep
è- Since I’m a girl, obviously I’d want the guy to bear children. *tries not to laugh too hard* but since I think they won’t be able to handle the pain of giving birth, I’ll take pity on them and leave it to the ladies.
- - Umm, I wouldn’t change how we give birth to babies? Except maybe, making it less painful.

7: What's the weirdest thing you've ever experienced, may it be just reading about it or experiencing it in the flesh?
è I can’t remember any. Sadly 

8: You can choose any world to go to from any book, movie, video, fanficion, etc, and the option to become the main character. Where would you go, and would you be involved in the main story, or just watching on the sidelines?
è-  There are so many choices, WHY? Because Rick Riordan is my top favorite author, I’d say to be a character in the Heroes Of Olympus series as a praetor in Camp Jupiter or a camp counselor in Camp Half-Blood. I’d stay in camp or go on quests? I would want to be involved in the story too. 

9 9.What is one thing in this world you would get rid of if you knew it'd be erased from the entire history of the human race?
è I honestly don’t know. Maybe cigarettes? Because you know, it causes cancer and all that. (Omg, people who smoke, please don’t kill me)

10: Describe ___________ in your own words.
è  -Describe what? :l You mean I can choose?
è Cats. They are adorable and fluffy and for cuddles.

11: You're in hell! One song is playing on repeat for eternity. What song is it?
è Stupid Hoe by Nicki Minaj (I can’t stand it, arrghh)

12: You get to create an entirely new species. Describe the name of them and what they look like.
è  BUNDLESOFFUR <- can="" guess="" like.="" looks="" o:p="" that="" what="" you="">

13: You're now allergic to EVERY animal except for one. Which animal is it?
è Cats. HAHA. I cannot live without cats.

14: What's on your mind right now?
è Life changes. Turning 18 soon. Missing my friends.

15: Try and describe your closest friend in the silliest way possible.
è - WHICH closest friend? *closes eyes and picks a name out of a hat* She’s funny with a weird sense of humor. She goes crazy and does silly things… Yeap, I cannot do this. This just describes most of my friends who are close to me, and I can’t make it sound silly.

16: You can stop doing one of the following-- Eating, Using the restroom, Sleeping-- without any consequences. What do you choose?
è I love eating. I love sleeping. So I’d say, using the restroom. HAHA.

17: You have to live on a world famous landmark for the rest of your life. Which landmark would you live on/in?
è The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. Because I find it so fascinating. I mean, look at that architecture! *__*

18: You can babysit 6 extremely polite and kind kids for not very much money or one extremely rude and disrespectful child for a high amount of money for a week. Which do you choose?
è The former would be more delightful.  The latter would be nice cash flow + trouble + stress + possible homicide waiting to happen.

19: You have to use one word in every sentence for the rest of your life. What word is it?
è Hey. Hmm..or maybe lah.

20: Go on a vacation forever or never leave your home town?
è - How can you make me chooossseeeeee.
è - One part of me says travel for the rest of my life.
è - Another part of me says stay close to home.
è - So, the solution is simple. I cut myself in half, evolve into two people and do both. (Sorry for that gross horror movie visual)

21: What would your character be described as in an upcoming anime?
è You know that girl who always goes around beating up guys and generally, being irrationally violent? Yeap, that would be me.

22: You get to redesign the Whitehouse. Describe how your fabulous revisions would make it look?
   It’d would probably look like an American colonial home.

23: You're now inhabiting the body of the last person you talked to. Who is it, how how weirded out are you?
   My brother. AHHH. Off the charts weirded out.

24: Add a letter to the alphabet! What's its name and what does it look like?
è It’s an arrow and it looks like an arrow! :D

25: Weirdest fetish you've ever found out about and how?
è Ermmmm… no comment.

26: Every mosquito drops dead and they are never found again or every wasp?
è Don’t understand this at all. Uh, mosquito?

27: Fear you had when you were little that you grew out of?
è Clowns. They just freaked me out a lot when I went to a fair as a kid. Also, I read a story about killer clowns. That made things worse.

28: The ability to make everyone listen to you when you want to say something or have no one notice you when you don't want them to?
è Have no one notice me when I don’t want them to. I find that people giving me their complete attention (although it’s nice) makes me feel uncomfortable. And I like to be invisible when I want to be.

29: What's your favorite meme?

30: Best surprise you've ever gotten?
è Someone hugging me unexpectedly. (I love hugs..but not from strangers. HAHA.)

31: Do you no longer listen to a song because it reminds you of someone you don't talk to anymore?
è Yes. It brings back too many painful memories.

32: Write a full paragraph about yourself without being negative (or just a sentence if you don't want to write a full paragraph!)
è When I was 13, I had my first love. I joke. I joke. I’m Maine. I get high on oxygen and drunk on Chinese tea. I’m socially awkward (that’s not a bad thing right?) and occasionally, lose my temper and throw tea on people (iced Chinese tea, they should actually be happy because it’s nice and cool on hot summer days) I love reading, writing, DIY projects, music, shopping, camping and cycling.

33: Describe the most attractive person you've ever seen without mentioning their name.
è He has dark hair + eyes, and nice eyebrows (Hey, I like thick eyebrows) He’s tall and fit (quite lah). He wears specs. He has dimples (I think, one or two?) and a nice smile. (I think some people might guess who it is)

34: Upload your all time favorite picture!

35: You wake up tomorrow and end up having NO responsibilities to do, including work, school, cleaning, projects-- Nothing!-- As well as full access to an endless supply of money for an entire week. How do you spend it?
è Going to a beach resort with my friends? OR camping out somewhere cold! :D

36: Write a plot for a TV show that you would most definitely watch.
è A missing person who turned into an assassin after losing his memory. He slowly starts to regain his memory after something happens. And you can guess what happens next.

37: If you had to choose between only wearing shorts and long sleeves or pants and a tank top for all of winter, what would you choose? (No coats allowed or other garments under or over the shorts or pants!)
è Wearing shorts and long sleeves!

38: One thing you'd love to wake up to?
è A cat to cuddle with. Or human, if there’s anyone willing to be a human pillow.

39: You can choose to learn one talent to master or choose many talents that you're somewhat okay at. Which do you choose?
è One talent to master 

40: Favorite quote/saying?

41: You say one sentence to go down in history and be remembered years after you pass, even centuries into the future. What's the sentence?
è nemo est invincibilis <- invincible.="" is="" no="" o:p="" one="">

42: Favorite video you've ever watched?
è Can’t choose one, I like too many.

43: Type/act like you did when you were 13 and describe your plans for tonight.
è Party till the sun goes down!  Read a story and fall asleep. (Life of a bookworm)

44: You're a baby with a very deep voice. What would you say to startle everyone in the room with your very deep baby voice?
è “Yo, me mum and me da. Where my milk be? Me needs to go poo poo.”

45: Funniest joke you've ever heard?
è Can’t think of any.

46: Ever pulled a prank, and if you did-- What was it?
è I haveeeee. But I won’t say what it is, because no one knows it was me who did it.

47: You can be a human with fur or a dog with hair. Which do you choose?
è Dog with hair. Because..furry humans are just monkeys.

48: In your own opinion, the weirdest advertisement you've seen?
è Ermm…..

49: Did you answer honestly to these questions?
è Yes.

50: Your hair can be any color you want, but it’s permanently there. For an example, you can dye your hair another color after, but the color you originally choose will always grow back in eventually. What color do you choose?

è  Probably something like this....Image taken from google.

Feel free to do the tag if you want to! :)

Till next time!


  1. Hahahaha... Got so hard to find a gift that i like ? 😂😂😂 maybe something that I need in college ?

    Hang out ! Still excited for it 😁😁😁😁

    1. Damn hard to decide weyh :( I'm just going to take you to Typo and let you choose some stuff HAHA #crappyfriend #nochoicede

      Yes! :D waiting for you guys to be freeee

  2. I agreed with you number 2! i love your quotes too. =)

    1. Aww thanks! :D Yay! I'm checking your blog out ^^

  3. I found Windows 8 really weird at the start too- especially if you do this funny thing with the mouse/keypad and the settings thing at the right side opens up. (happens to me like, all the time) and I was really missing Windows 7 but then I added a couple of pins to the taskbar and now I'm okay with it. The biggest problem I had was "WHERE IS MY COMPUTER" (isn't that ironic) but I got rid of that problem by pinning the file explorer to the bottom. So now its pretty much exactly the same ish to me o.o (or maybe I got used to it xD)

    1. YES IKR. I get so lost when I use it because the interface is so unfamiliar :l

      And yeah, finding the File Explorer was the hardest part for me too XD I wish I could get used to it but I really CAN'T. Ahhh.

  4. Hi im following you now^^
    Thanks for your comment♥

    1. Thank you! <3

      Looking forward to seeing more posts from you! :D

  5. Unithor babe? Seriously?! You people are weird.


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