Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy After Valentine's Day!

Walking back from the KLPAC (Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center).

Hey there! 

Went to the Soundgood concert (for volunterism) with Aijean and Wesley last night. 

We took the train. 
Ate dinner at KL Central.
Aijean kept asking "So...on a scale of 1-10, *inserts question*" It was pretty funny because all of us had the same number in mind for all the questions. 

I was so sleepy during the concert, I kept yawning. The atmosphere didn't really fit the performances, except for Narmi's acoustic one. It was a sit-down concert, when most of the bands were playing really upbeat songs. There were some dance performances too. The bands were great, but the instruments were really loud and I hated that. I like acoustic performances. Makes me feel so old to admit I only like certain loud, rock music that bursts my eardrums. 

Loved the seats. 

Imran performing his original song, "Whirl"
It's catchy :3 I think I might buy the Narmi Adventures album just to listen to what the other songs are like. 

He also performed "Kau Ilhamku" which is one of my favorite Malay songs :3 
And the Friends theme song. The crowd got really excited when he sang that, HAHA. 

Made some jelly the night before. 
(I know it's messy, whoops)
I didn't mean to make it red. I spotted some food coloring and thought I'd add it in for fun because lychee jelly is really boring to look at when it's just plain white. #notracist. I want it to be blue next time. 

Who needs love when you have jelly? :)

Haven't had time to blog as often these days because I'm working now. Mainly paperwork, data entry, filing and cross-referencing papers. Not so fond of waking up so early in the morning, but I'm glad I have something to do now. (Still miss those lazy days though) 

Looking forward to Chinese New Year next week! YES HOLIDAYS. And I get to meet up with my friends after a long time of not seeing them. Not to mention CNY food, Yee Sang and Bak Kwa :3 

Till next time! 


  1. Who needs love when you have jelly? Hahah I wish I'd thought of making jelly yesterday! <3 Those look delicious! O.o And I've never tried lychee jelly! Only strawberry, which looks nice but tastes kind of boring. ^^

    This may be weird of me... but I've never heard of a 'sit-down concert' before! Usually you stand during the concert, right? Haha :) I learn something new every day!
    x Happy After-Valentine's-Day, Maine!

    1. It is pretty delicious! :) Oh gosh, I've never tried strawberry jelly before *drools*

      YES EXACTLY. Haha, I have no idea why we were sitting down.

      Happy (Very much) After Valentine's Day to you too! :D


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