Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Saturday Hangout And Haul

Hey there!


Hung out with A last Saturday. 
I've just realized that I completely forgot what she looks like in her PRS uniform. Yikes. 
The cookie guy called me when I was with her to talk about something. 
I promised to call him back because I couldn't talk to him just then.
And forgot.
Whoops (.__.) Me apology.

She's wearing eyeliner. YEEEAAAASSSSS.
(But I wasn't, I was too lazy)

She's Team Sneakers, I'm Team Combat Boots. 

I have no idea why I take eyeless selfies. 
Wearing a matte lipstick I bought that day. 

Bought a peachy-pink notebook from Daiso. 
I wish there was a sparkly black one, but sadly no. 
Only this, hot pink and white.

I love lined pages because I have a problem with 'floating handwriting'.

Flash tattoos.

I picked up a couple of lipsticks from the Silkygirl Go Matte Lipcolor range.
I read about them in Eunice Annabel's and Jes' blogs. It's a relatively new range so I couldn't find many reviews on it.
(Excuse the poor lighting)
There are 6 shades in the entire range. 
01 Nearly Nude (as described, it's sort of a brown nude shade)
02 Wild Pink (hot pink shade)
03 Siren Red (a dark cool-toned red shade)
04 Mystic Rose (warm light rosy pink shade) 
05 Sassy Orange (a really bright orange..A got this, it's intensely pigmented like the others)
06 Exotic Wine (a dark berry color)

Watsons was having a sale, I got them on discount. RM 18.80 for one. 
Retail price is RM 21.90.

Out of all the shades, I like Mystic Rose best for an everyday look. 
It's the one I'm wearing in the selfie above. 

I tried on Siren Red in the washroom. 
A burst out laughing when she saw me messing up (when it stains your face, it doesn't come off!) and it was a complete makeup fail. 
We saw someone we both knew who stared at us, but I didn't realize who he was until we passed by.

What it looks like in the tube.
So far, I'm really liking it. I like lip butters but they come off so easily.
Matte lipsticks are a little more long lasting.

In Subway. 

Meeting someone we know from school who works at the mall :)

     Planning to hang out with A and DD this Saturday. They want to go to a mall quite far from where we live, which means taking the train.I'm feeling kinda lazy to use public transportation, sigh. Hoping to go somewhere closer to home. 

Everyone's talking about SPM results coming out. To be honest, I don't really care what I get as long as I pass all subjects except Add Maths. That's just wishful thinking. There's more to life than exam results. 

   Some people have been pointing out to me that I'm always moody and lifeless in church (when I happen to go, that is) . I hardly smile, I avoid people and look bored most of the time. I guess it's because I usually go out on Saturdays and come home late, which makes me feel grumpy when I have to go to church the next day. I don't have the passion for /or dedication to church, like most people do. I used to, but not anymore. 

    It's not because I lost my faith in God (even though I do question some things in the Old Testament, which I chalked up to it not applying in the current modern civilization. Simply said, times have changed.) I just want to be alone in being a Christian. I think almost everyone I know would disagree with me doing this, but I feel it's better for me this way. I'm tired of people saying it's not the right decision, it is for me and what you say isn't going to change that. I don't even want to be a leader anymore, the only reason I'm holding on is; I'm afraid I'll lose myself if I let go completely. 

Hoping to get an iPod touch 5 soon. Sigh.

Till next time,


  1. Team Combat boots looks cool xD I think the eye-less selfies add a mysterious sort of look.
    PS- don't take what other people say seriously. :D it's your life and they don't even know half of it.

    1. Thank you! :D

      That's true, it's just hard to remember that sometimes :(


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